Oh god

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Y/n's POV

He opened the basement door and scanned the room to find me I was curled up in a ball in the corner, "there you are you little bitch", I whimpered, he walked closer and closer and close till he was eventually in front of me, I closed my eyes expecting to get kicked, but I just heard a thud...

Vinny's POV

When I heard Chris say we were gonna go look for Y/n I couldn't help but smile, he hugged me and then we were out the door, I ran in an random direction, we eventually ended up on a street,this street seemed really sceacthy (idk how to spell) I had a feeling Y/n was here, we approached a house I don't know what came over me but I ran to that house, and ran into the door and kicked it down I felt like we had to go to the basement, I grabbed a baseball bat that I found and slowly opened the door, to find a man standing in front of Y/n except I could hardly tell it was her she was skinny like REALLY skiing and she was covered in her own blood and cum, where did that come from, then I suddenly realized how sick this dude is, I slowly and quietly walked up to him and hit him as hard as I could over the head with the bat and he collapsed, Y/n slowly opened her eyes and when she saw me she got up and I could she that was a struggle and she hugged me a started crying, I'm not gonna lie I cried too, the rest of the guys came in and just hugged all of us we called the cops and after questioning and them taking her dad away we were of, I carried Y/n to the bus and laid her in my bunk and I cuddled her and we fell asleep

*4 years later*

Today's the day, the day I get married to.... Y/N!!! I love her so much and guess what she's PREGNANT!!!! And the doctor said we are having twins!!!!!!!!!!

So that's it's the story is over and they live happily ever after if you guys have any suggestions on any people bands or anything you want me to write a story please feel free to comment and yeahhhhhhhh😍😘❤️

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