Part 7: Arrival at Coruscant

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Grievous sits in the captains chair in the Command Ship Annihilator, going through the plans for the jump to hyperspace. "Alright, Cody! Get the fleet, it's time to get to Coruscant!" Cody salutes as he goes over to the Comms Trooper. The ship soon goes into hyperspace along with the rest of the fleet. The Comms Trooper approaches Grievous with a salute. "Sir, we are heading to Coruscant now." Grievous nods with an impressed look. "Good work Trooper..." The trooper salutes again. "It's an honor to work with you, sir." Grievous smiles inside. "Very well, what is you're name soldier?" The Trooper stands straight. "It's Quasar sir, Expert in Communications and Recon tasks." Grievous thinks for a moment. "I could make use of you. Report to the Commander and tell him he's got a new member..." The soldier salutes again. "YES, SIR!" He exits the bridge. "Hm, Nice trooper..." Quasar reports to Cody with a salute. "Sir, Grievous has assigned me to your Squad!" Cody nods. "Alright, lets see what you can do." Quasar salutes again. "I specialize in communications, battle tactics, and assault, sir!" Cody nods again. "Here, see what you can do with this." Cody hands him T-21 Heavy Blaster. Quasar takes his weapon as he takes aim at one of the droid holograms, he tweaks a few knobs on the small console behind the scope, he fires his weapons as it burst fires three shots that take out the three droids infront of him as they have a falling back animation, and digitize into pieces of code. Cody nods impressed. "Alright lets see how you deal with this..." Cody inputs a command as a REAL Droideka appears from the back left of the training room. "I've been thinking about doing REAL TRAINING. Don't worry, they're blasters have been removed and replaced with heavy claws, good work around the ship as well.." As he says this, Rex steps through the seemingly aggravated. "Rrgh! Did you hear about it? The Emperor dumped the other clones in replacement of STORMTROOPERS! So this is what we get for all of our hard work...?" He scoffs. "The Clone Wars really were just pointless. All just.. A LIE! A BIG PLOT JUST TO GIVE HIM POWER! I can't believe we've been fighting 5 YEARS ALL FOR NOTHING!" Cody puts an arm on Rex' shoulder. "It's gonna be alright, we have superior training, remember?" They all walk out of the room to the bridge. Grievous gestures his hand to Quasar, turning his head slightly, still staring into the hyperspace tunnel. "Get me the progress to our destination..." Quasar takes the Comms Station and checks the progress of their arrival. "Actually we should be arriving in: 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1." The ship exits hyperspace to Coruscant as they see a giant orb-like object orbiting the planet, but it looks partially destroyed. Or mostly complete... Cody leans his head. "Is that a new moon? I've never seen it before." Grievous' eyes widen as he stands up. "That's no moon... THAT'S A SPACE STATION!" Suddenly an alert beeps at the comms station as Grievous takes out his lightsabers, as quick as possible. "WHA? WHO'S THERE..? What happened?!" Quasar answers the transmission as a hologram appears near the front of the bridge, the windows are closed off. An Imperial officer is seen on the hologram "Attention, unidentified craft! You are trespassing in Imperial Space, state your business or you WILL be fired upon." Two Star Destroyers approach the fleet. Grievous growls then smirks. "I am Lord Grievous. We are here under the orders of The Emperor himself. You wouldn't want to find out what he'd do if he caught the one who destroyed his utmost important advisor... Would you?" The officer looks shocked as he clears his throut. "Ahem... Of course Lord Grievous. We will have you dock immediately." The transmission ends as the Star Destroyers escort the fleet to the incomplete Station. "See? He called me 'Lord Grievous'! You guys should take his example..." The Clones look at eachother and head to the docking tube of the ship. The door opens as a squad Stormtroopers stands at the doorway. The Imperial officer approaches. "Ah, welcome Lord Grievous... I see you've brought your own army of Clone Troopers, is that correct? A little obsolete, but they'll do..." Rex stares at the officer. "Obsolete...? I'll show you who's obsolete...!" Rex tries going after the Officer, but the others pull him back. As they take a long tour of the facility, they finally arrive to the Observation/Throne room. Grievous enters to see the Emperor with a dark suited figure. "Ah... It appears we have visitors..." The figure turns around to be none other than Darth Vader. He and Grievous both growl as they ignite their sabers and begin advancing on eachother. They begin trading strikes as Grievous is surprised by the sudden strength of this being. "But it won't be enough!" Grievous' sheer number of strikes overtakes Vader as Grievous slashes the side of his helmet, revealing the left side of his face. Rex looks deeply into his eye. Wait a minute... "GRIEVOUS, STOP! I KNOW WHO HE IS!" Grievous turns. "Well I know what he's about to be!" Rex grabs Grievous' striking arm. "Enough!" Rex walks up to Darth Vader, who is kneeling to the ground. Rex lifts up his head, Cody rushes over. "Rex, what is it?" Rex stares into Vader's eyes. "General Skywalker...? Is that you? I know those determined eyes anywhere, but not like this..." Vader growls at the name 'Skywalker'. Vader grabs Rex by the throat. "Wait, sir, please..." Vader then realizes what he's doing. "Rex? I am so sorry. What have I become?" The Emperor scoffs. "What is the meaning of this, Vader? Return here immediately, or pay..." Vader growls at him. "You did this to me-" Suddenly Grievous begins running towards the Emperor. "RRRAAAHHH! I'LL KILL YOU!" The Emperor sends waves of lightning at Grievous, but Grievous continues rushing towards the torrent of lightning. He then pushes off with his feet gaining much speed, grabbing the Emperor, causing them both to tumble through the viewport behind him, them both being sucked into space as the others gravitize their boots. Grievious launches the Emperor out into space, the Emperor sending out a final storm of force lightning, suddenly Grievous begins gathering the lightning into orb of force energy and hurling it at the Emperor who is now flying through space. The Emperor gives out one final shout as he is dissipated into force essence which suddenly explodes into a shockwave.
(For any of you wondering the reason The Emperor was defeated so quickly was because his power was at it's peak, causing an instability in his energy. Also Grievous was revived with more organic body, giving him force sensitive powers.)
Grievous uses his grappling hook to latch onto the rim of the window and swings back  into the station, panting. "Whoa, did I just do that?" Vader stand speechless. "By the way can I add him to my Jedi Kill-Count 'cause technically, he's a force user. And should he be worth like 5x points?" Vader gasps. "How did you...?" Grievous shrugs. "I honestly have no idea, but does that mean you're Emperor?" Vader thinks for a moment. "I guess it does..." He turns to Rex then pats him on the back. "Thank you Captain, for snapping me out of it." Rex nods and salutes. "No problem sir. Anything for my General." Grievous approaches noticing Vader's scarred face. "Skywalker, is it truly you? What happened?" Vaders stares out the window into the infinite void. "Unfortunately I lost control to the dark side and attacked my master. What a mistake that was." Cody comes up and pats them both on the shoulder. "I guess you both have something in common: You both had an ill-fated duel with General Kenobi." Vader goes to the Emperor's throne and activates a console.

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