5. The Tragedy Of Coffee

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A/N "Her bright eyes remind me, that for once, I have something to live for."


I look over at my new aquaintance, and she gives me a light smile.

Her name is Kyleen, and she has wonderful bright red hair and dark hazel eyes.

"So, why were you running down the hall anyways?" I question.

"I um.. I was late for something. Class.. I was late for class," she mutters sheepishly.

I give her a curt nod, not quite believing her.

It was my last class when she ran into me this morning, obviously in a rush, and dropped her books and spilled my coffee on the floor. She offered to buy me a new coffee, but I refused and just helped her with her books.

The janitor of the school will take care of the spilled coffee anyways.

After that, she gave me a grateful smile. I offered to walk her to class, and she looked around frantically, before nodding.

There was something wrong with this girl, and I wasn't going to let her go on in fear.

I asked for her name in the process of walking her to her class. And may I say that her name is quite beautiful.

Every so often, she would be giving me grateful smiles, while still looking around the hallways.

"Why are you doing that?" I furrow my eyebrows.

She snaps her head in my direction, giving me a shaky smile, "Doing what?"

"Why are you frantically looking around? Why are you so.. Gittery?" I tilt my head.

She let's out a sigh of frustration, "Um.." She bites her bottom lip, "I was.. attacked by a dog this morning.."

I give her a dead panned look, "So, you really think a dog is just going to.. I don't know.. Burst through those doors as we speak? May I add," I pause, "That we're in a college."

She gives me a pleading look to drop the subject.

I sigh, "Fine. But one day, I'm going to find out. Hard way, or not."

"One day?" She raises an eyebrow.

I nod my head, giving her a smile, "Yeah, we're going to become friends."

She looks around once more, "I don't know.."

"I didn't ask, Kyleen," I roll my eyes.

She gives me a sheepish look, "Sorry."

I snap my head in her direction, this time, "For what?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "Well, this is my class.."

I look at the room number; 207.

I give her a smile, before whipping out a piece of paper from my hand bag, "Have a pen?"

She nods, handing me a pen.

I write down my number, and then hand it to her, "Here's my number if you need anything, text me later today."

She nods once again, before giving me another grateful smile and, unexpectedly, giving me a tight hug.

I stay put for a second, before wrapping my arms around her.

"Thank you," I hear her faint whisper, as she pulls away.

I give her a bright smile, feeling my dimple deepening, "Anytime, Kyleen."

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