Chapter Twelve: Distractions, distractions, dis-LOOK!

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"Right," sighed Kara, "Now that you've shut up, we can get to the matter at hand."
Unfortunately for her, Nyron had other ideas. All eyes were slowly drawn to the puddle forming at his feet by the smell that was beginning to coat the room. For a moment, there was a choked silence, except for the quiet shuffling of the Ishi Tib moving to avoid the puddle. But then a snort of laughter from the throne slowly grew into an explosion of uncontrolled laughter.
"Is that seriously..." She managed between bouts, "Did he actually..."
"Um frukun wut nur." Nyron's gag-distorted mumbles sounded. "Burd erdea."

Once the 'queen' finally composed herself, she sat up tall in her throne with an expression of mock seriousness.
"You," she began in a regal voice, "have committed the following crimes against the Bounty Hunters' Guild:"
"Uh herv dun ner such thung." Managed Nyron.
"Taking a bounty without contract, killing innocents without reason, and," she added with a smirk, "vandalism of a most revolting and hilarious kind. And for these crimes, I sentence you both to death."
Fury swept over Da'bral as Kara dared to utter that last sentence.
"Wait, no hunters' lodge? You're not above the rules, Kara! Queen or not."
"We don't have time for a lodge, honey. There's so mu -"

But the ambitious queen never got a chance to finish, for right at that moment, Nyron popped his own blood vessel, and, taking advantage of a distraction so fantastically worthy of Nyron, Ishti leapt forward with his vibroblade ready and... tripped over, falling flat on his face.
"Well, well," came a voice from the doorway, as a man in a grey cloak entered the throne room, tossing back his hood to reveal himself as a Nautolan. His voice was rich and deep, and combined with the cloak, it make him unmistakably the man who had hired them for the Zygerrian job.
"Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself, Miss Damarn? You're not head of the Guild yet. Not yet. Bounty hunters killing bounty hunters indeed." The man shook his head at the prospect, and made his way to the centre of the room, where he untied and ungagged Nyron.
"I'd like to hire you three again," He continued. "Only this time, you'll work together, nobody will be killed, and the Guild will not interfere."
"The Guild will not interfere." Agreed Kara.
"How very kind of you. Perhaps in return, I will forget that you were preparing to break the fourth tenet of the Bounty Hunters' Creed."
Kara tried to shrink into her throne to no avail. This man scared her, Ishti realised. He liked this guy.
"Now then, Ishti, you may pick three people to accompany you, preferably at least one person who can control Nyron, if you even bring Nyron. I'd rather not have a repeat of last time. Had it not been for the fact that I'd sent you too late anyway, I'd be tempted to kill him myself. Choose wisely, and quickly; you leave tomorrow."
"Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!" Yelled Nyron as he hopped up and down with his arms raised.
The Nautolan raised an eyebrow at him before turning some guards. "Find these two good rooms." He ordered.
"Wait," Ishti interrupted suddenly, "Who should I ask for when I need to find you?"
The man seemed to think for a second before answering. "You can call me Gan," he said, "Gan Sendi."

The man smiled down at the shorter bounty hunter, and turned away to walk out, shaking his head bemusedly, but also sorrowfully, as he heard "I killed your frickin' doctor cousin!" echo gleefully throughout the large room.

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