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   CHAPTER 1 : getting to know MELLS

she's pulling my hair we going back and forth with my head like we playing tug a war . As I'm eating her insides like I never ate in my whole life,licking and nibbling, sucking on her clit slowly she's  scratching my back digging her nails deep inside of me. I'm damn near bleeding probably... trying to get her to relax nisha just keep calling out "mells" gasping for short breaths and begging me to keep going, I pick her up lay on my back and let her ride my face like a yamaha she moaning loud as fuck my tongue slides through her I wiggle it around playing with her clit and then pushing it in further making her squirt ,I licked it all every drop of juice in site she releases my hair , jumps off while giving me that cute lil smirk showing off her one dimple as I watch that thick ass red toned body walk in bathroom to  get in the shower.

"YOU know the drill!" I yell to her as I brush my teeth and shit for my not so busy day. I mean I am a bachelor  , LESBIAN bachelor that is and my name is melanie but that's too feminine so they call me mells...  I'm a sex addict. I'm carmel skin toned 5'7 1/2 and ready for the world. but I'M STILL IN HIGH-SCHOOL! see my life is complicated dad is never home, no mom, and no discipline I do whatever the fuck I want money ,clothes, hoes is like my life code ,crazy right? anyways it's 8pm and as soon as this girl hop out the shower,  and puts on her victoria secret PINK tracksuit (the ultimate I'm bout to go fuck outfit )and is ready to go ,I take her home to her nagging ass ghetto mama who is  straight hood and who straight dislikes me. I mean I'm sorry Ms.jackson but your daughter a ho'. Anyways we hop in my father's two door camaro so I can take her home and here come her mama bitching and shit. Telling me how I keep making her daughter nisha cry at night and how I'll never change I mean I will but not now I need some more top. I tell nisha I love her... I mean I think I do... I love the sex she know how to eat my insides till I'm numb but what imma do if this bitch wants to be a shone.I can turn a shone into a housewife... or is it a ho? anyways I tell Ms.Jackson Goodnight, hop in my car and head to Q house. Q got it all that's my nigga he sell weed, coke, heroine. And we straight from south Harlem I mean it's like paid in full the real life version. But he give it to me I just make delivery's that's how we get paid. Besides that I play sports, get good grades, and have sex. so I pick up the LV duffle bag from Q with bout 10 kilos of hard blocks of weed throw in through backseat and swerve off I never get caught, never got stopped, and never got robbed. I'm a female they don't expect me to hustle they just assume since I hang with Q and he like my brother he take care of me but I'm in these streets too!

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