"It's okay like I said you look good in it." I blush a deep red as he whispers into my ear.  

"Yeah somehow I think that has more to do with the fact that I am not wearing a bra than it looking good on me."  I say glaring at him.

"Yeah probably."  He says smiling shamelessly. 

"DUDE!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON MY SISTERS BED? WHY ARE YOU ONLY IN HIS SHIRT?" Josh screams walking up to Logan ready to punch him.  

"Oh god." I say rolling my eyes "Josh we are not having sex. I would rather die a virgin than sleep with your horny friend. I have standards." I say pulling my blanket higher up. 

"You know those little remarks are hurtful. I have standards too and you definitely meet them." Logan says while scanning me up and down. Talk about perving on a girl.  

"Bite me."  I say glaring at him. 

"Gladly." I roll my eyes at Logan but decide its better to ignore him before he gets his butt kicked by my brother. Even though watching Josh beat the crap out of him would be fun.  

"Dude that is not cool . She is my little sister. You stole my car for a week only because I said your cousin was hot and now you are shamelessly flirting with my sister in front of me."  

"Guys!!!! Can you get out of my room and finish this conversation somewhere else?" I say. 

"Dude she was like 14 years old and she came to my place because her dad beat her."  

"Yeah so? Amber is 15. It's one year and I didn't say I was going to get in her pants...right away anyway."  

"yeah and I never said I was getting in Amby's pants. No matter how bad she wants me or how hot she is, I swear dude. Its against the bro code and I respect the code."  


"I'm out. Just don't call Emily. We don't need an annoying, judgmental, uptight bitch over. Your enough." I roll my eyes.  

"She is not an annoying, judgmental, uptight bitch. And you just don't like her because she is not totally in love with you like every other girl in the school."  

"You know what Amber you are totally right. I as your older brother should respect your friends."  Josh says suddenly way too nice. 

"What do you want?"  I ask flatly. 

"Mom and dad are coming home they have some business meeting thing. They need to host some dinner party and blah blah blah...so can you as my sweet little sister arrange the party crap?"  

"ugh...fine. How long are they coming for?" I ask Josh.

"sweet Mrs. T is coming."  Logan says grinning.

"Dude that's my mom."  Josh says shoving Logan. 

"yeah but she is hot." Logan says shrugging.  

"Okay gross!!! Logan that is beyond nasty even for a slut like you to say. Do me a favor when my mom comes leave your Logan part in your pants."  

"I second that."Josh says grimacing. 

-Amber's Birthday/dinner party with the Thorns and associates a while later-

I had not seen my parents in ages and I wanted them to well I don't know stay longer or something like that. Truthfully my 16th birthday was today so maybe they are over to surprise me with a present. I mean they said out of the blue that they where coming home and they want a party on my birthday. So, I am hoping for a present like a car or a trip to Europe or something crazy fun.

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