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3 years later

"I love this place. I love it, I love it, I love it!", Chloe said as she lied on the couch.

"I've been hearing the same thing for the last three years", I said as I sat besides her, "so I guess I had a good idea."

"Yes you had a good idea", she smiled at me.

It'd been three years since everything that happened. Chloe and I had moved here, while Cole and Rebecca had a place of their own too. Chloe, as you might have understood, seems to be loving it here. It's a big house, close to the beach with an amazing view.

No one had come looking for us, so the plan had worked perfectly. With everyone believing that Chloe and Cole were dead, no one else would get hurt.

I went back to the pack, a lot of times, to see how everyone was doing. At first I'd been going alone, we weren't sure if it was safe for Chloe to come back, but after a year went by we figured out no one was after us anymore.

Alexa gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy, Charlotte and Alex. Savannah gave birth a few months later to a girl, Ellie. She and Chris got married a few months later.

Jeremy was ok, especially after the kids were born and we were all relieved, we had no idea how long this was going to last. Eve was doing better, she was still pretty shaken after losing her mate and it was really hard for her to move on. She was however in a better place than she was three years ago.

"Hey what time is it? We have to get ready", Chloe brought me back to reality.

"Yeah, you're right, get up", I said and pulled her up with me.

Today was the twins' birthday and we couldn't miss that.


"Uncle Brian, aunt Chloe!", Charlotte ran up to us and Chloe picked her up.

"Happy birthday baby", she smiled at her and kissed her cheek, "where's your brother?"

"He's playing with Ellie", she grinned and turned to me.

"Happy birthday Charlotte", I smiled at her.

"Hey guys", Alexa came towards us and Chloe put Charlotte down to let her go play. "We've missed you, how have you been?"

"We're fine, everything's quiet", I said, "you?"

"I'm exhausted. I have to chase Alex throughout the whole pack on a daily basis! I swear he's getting into trouble everyday."

"He takes after his uncle...", I smiled at her.

"He is... And his dad, he's already started being protective of his sister..."

"You're here!", Savannah shouted when she saw us and ran up to me, hugging me and taking us a few steps back so we wouldn't fall down.

"Hello to you too", I chuckled.

She stepped back and hugged Chloe. "Three years living with a werewolf, is he making your life difficult yet?", she asked and Chloe started laughing.

"You have no idea", she answered.

"Oh ok, no please continue", I said and she stuck her tongue out at me. "I'll go find the guys", I said and headed to James' house.

I found James, Jeremy and Chris outside, but before I could say anything Ellie appeared in front of me.

"Uncle Brian!", she beamed at me and jumped up and down with her hands raised.

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