Preference #5: Where He Likes To Kiss You

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Where He Likes To Kiss You

Harry:Your Lips. He loves how soft and seductive they are. The two of you spend most of your days kissing and enjoying each others mouths.

Louis: Your Collarbones. He loves to kiss right in between both of them and even leave love bites around the area, just so everyone knows you're taken

Liam: Your Cheek. He loves to peck the area every chance he gets. You're always having to scold him for distracting you.

Zayn: Your Neck. He likes to leave dozens of purplish love bites and peck up and down your neck, all the while trying to get you to moan.

Niall: Your Forehead. He loves being a gentleman a kissing you softly there. Every night before going to sleep his soft lips kiss your forehead right before he moves to your lips.

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