15 - Grace

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I sigh happily as I feel warmth suround me. I felt safe, something I haven't felt in years. It was welcoming and I snuggled closer to the one thing making me safe.

"Okay wake up love bugs, sun is setting and its time to move." Amelia's voice filters into my sleep filled mind and I sigh, feeling arms tighten around me.

"I don't want to go to school mom." Some one groans underneath me and I open my eyes to find myself laying ontop of Caden, my silver hair splayed across his chest.

"Well its a good thing that school gets put on hold during the week of the run." I state sarcastically and watch as his eyes, emerald green like the forest in summer, look into my sapphire ones.

"Hi." He whispers and I smile.

"Hi." I reply back, getting off of him to stand, stretching slightly and watching him stand and stretch. That was the best sleep I've ever had.

"The moon is rising and we are almost half way to the lodge. We need to keep going." Amelia says as she picks up a bag I didn't know she had.

"Well we are near the edge of the barrier, most wolves run through the middle so we shouldn't have much problems." I state, grabbing my bag.

Tonight was the third night since the run started, meaning the moon had four more nights to stay blue. If we weren't at the lodge by the last night before the sun begins to rise then I would lose the bet.

"Well thats reassuring." Caden grumbles and I glare at him. Dont get me wrong, the man was gorgeous and I may have had the best sleep ever in his arms but I still didn't trust him.

"Okay, I get it. You're the boss out of all three of us." He says and I smirk.

"Amelia you know the map as well as I do, even if some places have shifted over the years." I start, letting my senses expand out into the night.
"We need to figure out the best and fastest route to the lodge." I continue on, my eyes closed as I look for any wolves neer us. Frowning when I sense three moving towards us and fast.

Growling, I open my eyes and turn to look at the two in the cave with me, noticing that Caden had a bag.

"We need to move, now." I bark out, rushing out if the cave knowing the two would be right on my heels.

"Whats the matter?" Caden whispers and I sigh.

"Three wolves, males, heading towards us." I whisper back and we head towards the water, keeping close to the river as I lead them away from the cave.

"How far?"Amelia asks and I stop briefly, reaching my senses out to find the males. Their energy one of pure hunt.

This was bad.

"They're Ragers, and they are gaining speed. If we don't move now we are screwed." I state, realization taking over as I figure out who these wolves were.

The law of The Run states that a wolf may take only one mate. But Ragers were rogues who were mateless, they came and took as many females as they could to create a strong rogue pack by using them to breed. To them shewolves were slaves and nothig more.

"Are they on our trail?" Caden asks and I frown, nodding my head.

"Yes. We need to run now and as wolves." I hear the urgency in my voice as silence fills and we undress, stuffing our clothes into our bags and shifting.

I knew we didn't have many options but one thing's for sure, we had to try for our freedom.

[Ace what do we do?] Amelia's voice fills mine.

[Follow me.] I state to her blonde wolf and motion for Caden's gold form to follow. It sucked that we couldn't communicate with him but it couldn't be helped.

Turning, I head into the water after grabbing my bag. This was the only way we could get rid of our scents.

Two other splashes follow suit and I know that Amelia and Caden followed my silver form, my hope of getting to safety before the Ragers can get to us. If they catch us Caden would be killed and Amelia and my own hopes and dreams for the future will be destroyed.

We had to get away.

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