Chapter 48

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Timid sexual scenes ahead.

 Dear readers: Please be advised that this chapter contains mature themes and rape scenes. Rape is a serious and traumatic experience to be treated with sensitivity, and this chapter does not intend to glorify it. The story is exploring the artistic and literary boundaries Please note that I do not endorse rape, nor do I intend to glorify it in this chapter

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Scorching hot water fell from the showerhead over Evelyn's naked body as she endured the painful caresses of the liquid, her skin burning from the heat. She grazed a rough piece of sponge along her naked body, leaving behind agonizing red trails; her whole body was in pain, blistering from the pain.

She whimpered.

Her hands trembled as the memories came rushing back to her, his touch, his kiss, the sound of his voice, the moans, his power, the way he forced himself upon her, and the way he made her body react, the control he had over her…

“No,” Evelyn whispered, continuing to torment her delicate skin, the sponge rubbed off layers upon layers of skin, in her desperate attempt to wash away the memories, the memories, the dirt…

But no matter how hard that she tried, she still felt dirty. She’ll never wash away the pain or the sins that tainted her body; she’ll never be pure again…

Hesitantly, Evelyn pulled her legs against her body rested her head against the bony knees, and let all of the capped emotions escape from her eyes. She cried like she had never cried before, the water numbed her skin, but it didn’t numb her heart, she still felt all of the emotions that she had been ignoring flooded in…

Her mind flashed back to the previous 24 hours

*          *         * 24 HOURS EARLIER *         *             *

 The silent car journey from the motel was silent, and awkward.

Evelyn and Zayn sat alone in the back seat of a sleek black Bentley that swam along the parted motorway, a thickly tinted window separating them from the driver, there were motorcyclists before them with red and black light attached to their bikes, forcing the congestion of cars to part ways for them.

She had placed herself as far away from him as she could, wanting to be away from him. It sickened her just to be within the same car as him, and thankfully, he let her. But he insisted on holding onto her hand as some kind of reassurance that she wouldn’t jump out of the moving car. But she knew he held her hand like a master would hold onto the leash of their pet; to make their dominance known.

When they left their room, Evelyn had hoped that Harry would be with Zayn, there to give her a shoulder to cry on, but he wasn’t. The only familiar face that she saw in the mass of guards with Zayn was Jonah, someone whom made Evelyn's heart race with fear. Those merciless brown eyes, she had no doubt that if Harry was the one accompanying Zayn, things could have turned out differently, Harry would have saved her, and he would have been her guardian angel, knight in shiny armour.

“Are you hungry?” Zayn asked after over half an hour of silence, the only audible sound was the smooth fraction between the rubber tires and the asphalt road. “You haven’t had any breakfast yet.”

She shook her face, keeping her sight firmly set on the blurred view outside of the window.

“Are you hurting?” He asked, and she knew exactly what he meant.

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