Nobody Knows (august alsina story)

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my name is Mariyah Monae Alsina. I am 20 years old and mix with asian, korean, hispanic, white, and black. Yes, im married to August Anthony Alsina ,Jr.. We have two beatiful children named aaliyah aniyah alsina and august anthony alsina the 3rd. We have been married three years and we had a nice wedding , our colors were lavender , white , and black. Me and his mom have a pretty close relationship and do everything together. Im going to tell you everything as i remember through out those three years. There was cheating, lying , crying , break ups to make ups , love making , flirting , and attitudes from left and right. Nobody knows that august had a tough life because every one judged him and didnt really know his story , but i knew because i was his neighbor and the killing of his brother changed him and he became famous. August's famous life had taken him away from his family and his normal life he use to live.