Chapter 2

                  “Carly!” I called for her, but heard nothing, “Carly!”

                Everywhere I looked there are nothing, but trees. I couldn’t even see the sky the canopy was so thick.

                 So this must be Heaven, man did they ever get things wrong.  But its weird I don’t feel dead or any less alive than I was before. Just somehow I’m in the middle of the woods.

                    Getting to my feet I felt a little dizzy but alive nonetheless.

                    “Carly!” I called out again.

                   I checked my pockets for my phone. I still had it in my left pocket.

                “Full bars, yes!” I dialed my home phone and waited for some on to pickup. It rang and rang, but no answer. I tried Carly’s phone and everyone else I could think of, but no one picked up.

                 “Useless thing,” I said shoving the phone back in my pocket.

                It was a quarter to four so I had about four to five hours until it got dark. After finding moss on a tree I headed north. Boy scouts paid off for something.

                 I walked for about an hour, but it looked like I had gone nowhere. All the while I called out for Carly, anybody really. I hadn’t eaten anything since the day before and all the walking wasn’t helping.

              “Who’s there?” There was a shuffling across the forest floor. “Hello?” No one answered me, so I took off running.

              It had to have been some animal that had been stalking me this whole time waiting for the kill. My legs and lungs burned from the burst into a full force run through the dense woods. What every it was took off after me.


            Tripping over a tree root I fell flat on my face. The crunching of leafs stopped right in front of me. I looked up to find a grey and black cat with silver speckled teal eyes. The cat met my gaze and then ran off into the brush.

              “It was just a cat,” I sighed. Rolling over onto my back.

             This place was weird. That cat was the only living thing I’ve seen besides the trees. I wanted to get up and find a way out of it, but I had walked for hours. It seemed useless to keep on. Besides something in my gut was telling me to just stay there. To wait for someone or something to find me.

            I made myself comfortable amongst the leaves on the forest floor. Letting myself drift off to sleep in this unknown, seemingly endless forest.


           “Meow, meow,” The purr came from something on my chest.

           My eyes fluttered open to find the same silver, teal-eyed cat sitting on me. It was facing in the direction of a set of quickly coming footsteps.

           “Meow,” The cat called to who ever or whatever was coming. It never did look at me as I stared at it with wide eyes.

            “Jinx! Where are you?” A girl called from somewhere close by.

         The cat shook its head and meowed again. “Hello?” I called out for the girl who the voice belonged to.

              The footsteps were coming closer and closer until I saw the girl standing in front of me.

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