We need you

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Chris's POV
We were walking back to the bus when I got this feeling that something was wrong, considering how Vinny is lately, I started running as fast as a could, "Chris what's wrong!" Ryan yelled to me "Somethings wrong!" I yelled back "what"Ghost yelled "I don't know I just know something is wrong" we ran as fast as we could and I flung the bus door open, I ran to Vinny's bunk and he wasn't there my heart started racing, I flung the bathroom door open to see the thing I hoped I wouldn't have to see Vinny had hung himself, I quickly scooped him up and lied him on the couch and begun CPR luckily he was ok, soon Ricky came in and passed me a note, I read it and started tearing up, I hugged Vinny and said "Vinny we're gonna go look for Y/n"

Y/n's POV

2 months, 2 fucking months of torture, I have hardly eaten I get fed real food once a week, I'm done with this shit, I gave up hope that someone's gonna save me if I wanna escape I have to do it myself, at least he untied me, I think he's gone I'm not sure, I start to hear foot steps, it's him and his drunk I know what's coming...

A/n: so I hope you like this part and soon things will get better for Y/n and Vinny😻😘❤️😍

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