I guess this is the end for me

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Vinny's POV
*2 months later*
It's been 2 months since Y/n went missing, the cops said that the likelihood of her coming back is close to zero, I've been crushed ever since I almost got kicked out of the band multiple times since I hardly ever leave the bus, we're still on warped tour, I thought my first warped would be awesome but that dream was shattered, everyday there is still that little pit of hope inside of me that is saying she will come back we will find her, but after the authorities said she is most likely dead by now has crushed my spirits, I have stopped eating I have hardly gotten out of my bunk, Dev has multiple bough me food that I never touch I feel bad because I don't do anything anymore and I'm just a bummer to be around, I have attempted suicide 15 times through the spam of 1 month, I have started cutting which is something I thought I would never do, and I never sleep anymore, I have just given up hope.

I checked to make sure the bus was empty, good no one is here, I grabbed the rope from under the couch and walked to the bathroom, I tied a noose around my neck and tied the other end to the shower pole the keeps the shower curtain up, I grabbed the note out of my pocket that I wrote earlier and re read it.

Dear guys,
                   I have given up hope, please this time just leave me to die, you would be happier if I were gone, and if you find Y/n please find her someone to be with her, to look after her, to make sure she can be happy when there is nothing to be happy about, Ryan I know you like her so just take her and make her happy,

Chris, you've always been like an older brother to me, you took me under your wing and made me feel like apart of your family.

You're Y/n's best friend I thank you for being there for her when I wasn't able to, if you find her, I want you to break the news to her.

You are my best friend my gay lover, you've always been there for me when no one else was, thank you.

You always made me smile when I was feeling down, your jokes always crack me up, thanks and take care of my beloved.

Over all I would like to thank all of you for everything you've done for me, if you find Y/n look after her

Forever gone
                       Vincent Mauro xoxoxo

A/n: so will Vinny live who knows just stay tuned for the next part cause you'll find out😘

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