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You clutched onto the bed sheets and shut your eyes tightly as Harry's lips connected with yours.You and Harry have been together ever since that day in detentoin,It was hard to believe that happened 3 months ago,It all went so fast.You were about to lose your virginity to Harry.You were super nervous,But Harry was fine because he's use to this anyway.You wince a bit when Harry's hand tugged at your pj shorts.Harry stops and looks down at you.His eyes glicened from the moon that shone through the window.

"Babe,What's wrong?"He said softly.

You stared into his eyes,They were filled with so much care.

"I'm just nervous,That's all"You sighed.

"Do you think your ready?"

You gave him a small shrug then looked away in embressment.

"Look.."He grabs your chin softly,making you look back at him.

"You're ready and i'm not forcing you into doing this"

"Thanks Harry"You mummble.

"Not a problem Princess"He whispers before he pecks your lips softly and falls to your side.

"Might as well go to sleep now,School in the morning and all"He groans as he wraps his arms around you.

You cuddle up to his warm chest and nuzzle your face into his neck.You smiled a bit to the scent of his colone,It smelt good.You felt as his long fingers softly rubbed the back of your neck and his legs tangling into yours.Your eyes grew heavy and you soon fell asleep,listening to the beat of his heart.

*At school,The next day*

You walk to your locker and swung it open.You grab your books and threw them in your bag before you closed your locker again.You felt long arms wrap around your waist and a chin resting on your shoulder.You smiled knewing who that was from anywhere.

"Hey Harry"You smile as you turned to face him.

"Heya love"He replied with a smile.He was just so happy to have you.

"So,Did you do your homework then?"You asked as you raised your eyebrows at him.

"Ah Shit!I knew i forgot somthing!"He mummbled under his breath.

"Ha,Well i think you should go do it while you still have the chance"

"Good idea!"

He pecks your lips softly before he turns and made his way to the library.You turned and watched as he walked away.You bit your lower lip as you stare down at his butt.He sure does have a nice ass!.The bell rings loudly,taking you out of your toughts.You looked around the hall and it was completely empty.Why did everyone leave so fast?.You shrug and made your way to class.

"HEY!"You hear a deep voice.

Your eyes grew wide as your turned and saw Drake,The biggest bully in the school.You just relized why everyone left so quickly,They knew he was coming home from jail.Yes,Drake was in jail for stabbing one of the students.You quickly turned and began to run down the hall,Doing anything you can to avoid him.You saw the library and immediatley tought of Harry.You ran as fast as you could but you were suddenly jumped on.Drake sat on your stomach and began to punch you.You screamed and cried loudly.

"Shut up you fucking geek!"Drake growls.

You closed your eyes tightly,Praying that he would stop.And suddenly he did.You never dared to look at what was happening.You felt Drake quickly getting off you then he heard a lot of punching.


You opened your eyes and sat up to see Harry,pining Drake against the lockers and punched him in the face.You stood up and saw so much anger in Harry's face as he countinued to beat the shit out of Drake.Harry threw Drake to the floor and kicked in the stomach.You tought that it was getting to much out of hand.You grabbed Harry's hand and tried to pull him away but he wouldn't move.Next thing you knew,Three gym teachers were pulling Drake and Harry apart.Drake was sent to hospital with some broken bones.

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