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For all you aspiring writers out there, I just want to say this and give you all a little heads up.
If writing is your passion, keep writing. No matter how bad you are keep going.
Three years ago when I started Wattpad, I was the worst. I literally made stories that made no sense. I struggled with grammar because I was never good at it in the first place. I was/still am horrible with grammar. I was horrible with description. I didn't know the difference between passive and active. I often forgot characters and plots. I mean, some of you read my old books on here. They're not bad but they're not good at the same time. Sure they're fun to read but they could use A LOT of work. Even now I could use a ton of work. I'm aware of the many mistakes in this book and the others. However, I'm working on making my books better:)
I've drafted and almost deleted Hide and seek so many times! Never did I think this book would become published on the Barnes and Noble site. I could even win the wattys. I've always wanted that!
How did I get this far even although I started off horribly? I kept writing! If you ask any author how they got so good it's because they never gave up. My advice to you guys is to never ever stop writing. If it is truly your passion, you'll succeed.
Thank you guys for supporting me. Thanks for being patient with my mistakes. Thanks for pointing them out. PLEASE point them out because that's how I learn to get better. I just want you all to be confident in what you do. I've read some of my readers work and I'm truly amazed by each one. And yeah, we're not the best but that can change! I can't thank all of you enough. Reading the comments, messages, and wall post really make my day. I always try to respond to the messages and wall post. You guys helped me get this far so it's my job to return the favor. I hope this message encourage some of you to write or to never give up on writing.  I love you guys! Don't give up on me, I promise I'll get better :) Don't you give up either!


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