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a/n haha did i say tomorrow??? i meant the tomorrow after tomorrow times a thousand haha haha *nervously laughs then dies*

Wills POV:

"does this mean it's my turn?" frank asked innocently, as the group nodded. "oh alright.. um will?" will looked up nervously he wasn't used to being around this group, only nico. gods, if only nico saw how much he liked him! it had been a couple months since the war with gaea had ended and will was just dying for nico, if not for a relationship then yeah, he'd admit it, a hookup. will just wanted to be with nico, every time he was around nico, his nose filled with his shadowy musk and he couldn't breathe.
"will... will!" Will snapped out of his short daydream as his face turned bright red.
"what? oh right sorry.. um truth i guess" frank put on a face of deep concentration till he finally decided on his question
"who was the first person you ever kissed?" besides the chuckles and gasped at franks not-so-innocent question will just gulped as he ran his hand through his hair.
"come on will, give us a name!" leo whooped as him and the stolls sniggered.
"look can i change it too a dare??" will half-yelled out. he couldn't answer, he couldn't tell them, what would they think of him??
"not unless you wanna kiss someone..."
"who you gunna kiss william??" travis started, as connor finished.
"look fine okay whatever!" the group eyed him suspiciously.
"my first kiss was with Castor.. alright?" will felt his face get hot as he chugged the rest of his beer down, hoping to either A) pass out B) suddenly have a stroke or C) well he had no idea he was just very uncomfortable at this moment.
"hey.. it's okay dude. we all love an accept you, right guys?" jason finally spoke up, officially earning the title mom of the group. There we scattered 'yeahs' and 'of course's but no one made a big deal out of things. that was when will noticed nico, eyes wide in what he couldn't desyfer as either fear, shock or a mixture of both - staring straight at jason, who had a smug smile tugging at his lips. seriously... what was up with those two??

A/N SORRY IM SO SORRY AHHHH i've had a really hard time recently and i felt like i wasn't good enough to write and just badbadbad thoughts but we good now (i hope) but it's currently 1:00 in the morning where i live so ahahahaha sorry (again) for the super late update a shitty writing ❤️

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