14 - Caden

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"Grace he isn't going to hurt me." I hear Amelia say in a low whisper, keeping my body as calm as I can with a large, deadly and powerful shewolf above me. I wanted wince as she growled, her teeths grazing my skin uncomfortably but she wasn't going for the kill yet. Thank the Goddess for that.

"He has been helping me find you and keeping me safe so I can be with Briden." Amelia tries again, her voice holding no lie and I smile.

Finally the jaw moves from my throat, letting a silent sigh escape me as relief floods into my body, growls still sounding low from Lady Silver's body.

"Clearly she doesn't trust me." I state as I look over my shoulder at Amelia, Grace's lips curling back as she snarls at me. This was turning to be a great first meeting with her.

"But I trust her Caden. She is just protecting me like she's always done since we were pups." Amelia states, rubbing the top of Grace's head affectionately before she gives her friend a hug. I could tell how close they were just by the way they were calming each other down and I couldn't help but smile at the two.

Suddenly they go quiet and I watch as sapphire eyes glaze over slightly and I knew they were using the pack link to talk.  I just hoped that whatever they are talking about gets me off the ground.

After what felt like an eternity of silence I finally feel the weight of Grace's wolf form get off of me and a huff of breath from the silver fured shewolf, turning ro watch her sit and take a deep breath, wonderig if she was scenting me as the closeness to each other has my nose filled with her peppermint and roses scent and Amelia's apple and honey scent.

"I'm Caden-" I start to introduce myself, standing quickly and walking towards Grace but her growl has me stop in my tracks.

"And I guess you're not in a trusting mood still Lady Silver." I state, watching her head tilt slightly and I couldn't help but think that she was cute, deadly but still cute.

"She wants us to follow her." Amelia states as I watch the shewolf stand and walk away from us, heading in the direction of the cave me and Amelia were going to.

What a great night this has been. I think sarcastically as we follow Grace, keeping quiet as the early morning light was filling the forest and we didn't want to alert any wolves to us.

When we reached the cave, Grace was no where in sight and I guess she must have gone inside, probubly to shift and wait for us to join jer so she could interrogate me. With a sigh I head into the cave first, Amelia giving me a sympathetic glace before she follows me in.

The first thing I notice was the long silver hair on a girl with sunkissed skin, sapphire eyes taking me in as she glares at me. I wanted to sigh but I didn't. Instead I lean against the wall opposite her and watch Amelia head past us to the large mattress, laying down with a sigh and falling asleep.

"Who are you?" She asks, her voice getting strait to the point, power pouring from her and I couldn't help but let fear seep in as I tried to think about how I should answer.

If I answer with a lie, she'll hurt me. If I answer with the truth she might let me go or might hurt me. Either way she has the power to hurt me.

"Caden Wolfrain, from Wœlf Haven and future alpha." I state honestly, crossing my arms over my chest and sighing slightly. I watch as a look of recognition forms on her face and a small smile passes her lips.

"The Golden Boy, friend to shewolves at the run." She whispers out and I nodd. I was 24 and for the past six years I've participated in the run, never claiming a mate and getting the name Golden Boy. Guess it suits me.

"If you're not here to hurt us then why are you even participating in the run." She asks, tilting her head questioningly as I sigh again.

"If I don't take a mate the old fashion way then I lose my title as heir to the pack." I asnwer, hatred filling me as I think about my cousin and a look of understanding passes her face.

"And if you don't then some one else you hate takes it and possibly ruins your pack." She finishes and I nodd.

"Who is he?" She asks as she walks over to me, sitting down and rummaging through a bag beside her until she pulls out a container.

I sit down, happy to let my legs relax after a long night of walking and settle in beside Grace, taking the offer of jerky from her and taking a bite.

"My cousin. Vilest man you will ever meet. He raped his mate and beats her daily and then goes to the big cities to screw unsuspecting humans." I sigh and take another angry bite of my jerky, needing this moment to calm down.

"If he becomes Alpha then my pack will die from his reign." I state and she nodds.

"Amelia is in a similar situation. Her father is a complete ass and if she doesn't step up as Alpha soon the pack will fall." Grace states and looks at me.

"Grace Harvest by the way, future beta to Silver Birtch. That is if me and Amelia get out of here unmated." She says and I pull her into a comforting hug out of instinct.

"I know who you are and about the bet, Amelia told me everything." I say and she nodds.

We sit in silence after that, her head resting against me as the morning wears on. The soft steady breathing from her make me realize that she had fallen asleep beside me and I smile, settling in beside her and letting sleep take me.

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