Chapter 10

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"What about Mr. Wrong?" Brenda suggested.

I stuffed a handful of buttery popcorn into my mouth, we had been coming up with nicknames for all the men that were in my life.

From Mason to Chase and Tyler.

"Seriously babe I knew Tyler was a ass the moment he told Ryder, Kale, and Jace to back up off of you." Ally said with her Ally-knowing-look.

"Too late now to go back on my past." I said shrugging.

Ryder put his arm around my shoulders pressing me to his body.

"What if you came back to Colorado with us, you can live in the pack house." he suggested.

I would love nothing more then to run away but I couldn't.

"There's like a spell on my body.... When I try to cross the boundary it stops me."

"Wait you have boundary lock?!" Exclaimed Brenda.

Whatever a boundary lock was must not be good if it made my best friend this upset she was shaking with anger.

"Boundary lock is when the Alpha has requested you to be bound to your territory, it helps with intruders or protection of mates." Jace said.

Suddenly things clicked, and I was pissed. I debated running over to Chase's house and shoving my little fist in his mouth.

"He's such a dick to you." Ryder said pulling me for our side hug.

"Let's just sleep guys we can talk in the morning." I said yawning.

Brenda and Ally slept with me and the guys toke the guest bedroom since it was so big. For once in a long time I felt like I was back home, Brenda and Ally pushing me off the side of the bed arguing over who deserved the best pillow us being... Well us.

That night I found sleep quickly, I needed my friends around to make me feel at ease.

When we came down for breakfast the guys where up and looked showered, I felt like such a slob nearly noon and I still hadn't even combed my hair.

"It's a wolf thing." they said in chorus making me feel slightly less lazy.

I grabbed orange juice and poured me some. My parents had their 'worried face' on and I knew it was something bad.

"What's wrong guys?" I asked.

"Cora and Alex need you to babysit the kids tonight."

"Cool I love Christen and A.J I feel like I haven't seen them in ages." I said smiling.

"Okay, do you want them to come over?"

I nodded while drinking my orange juice.

"Okay we will let them know."

My parents walked out of the kitchen leaving everyone standing there I knew what they were thinking, they didn't have to say it.

I went upstairs and showered changing into tight black jeans flip flops and a Hollister t-shirt I let my hair hand naturally wavy.

"You look cute." Ally commented.

I smiled. "Allz you know this is my chilling at home outfit."

She laughed and nodded. "Listen I know that this whole Chase thing is eating at you but don't let it take over you."

I laughed. "That hard to do considering he's everywhere I look."

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