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Forn didn't return that night and Legolas barely spoke. Barely ate, fell into a silence, a soft depression that nobody seemed to be able to break. Even those who called themselves his friends were not able to break the silence that Legolas let himself drift into. But when Aragorn went to Galadriel, for she was hosting them, she refused to lift a finger.

"Forn must learn the consequences of her actions," She said turning away from Aragorn. "If this is they way she must learn, so be it." She threw a glance over her shoulder. "You quest stands on but the edge of a knife, stray a little and you will fail. Forn will help guide you." She then drifted away, leaving Aragorn alone, and Legolas was nowhere near normal. Nowhere near better, and they were set to leave the next day. The visit was supposed to give them time to rest and regain health, instead it seemed to make things worse. Perhaps they shouldn't have stopped, perhaps they would have been better off without Galadriel's wisdom. Maybe... but it was too late to think like that anymore. Maybe, it was too late to save Legolas, but it was't to late to save the world from falling into the eternal darkness that might be set to doom them.


The Fellowship awoke to a large gust of wind the sound of wood creaking. There stood Forn, shimmering in the moonlight, her scales making her look like living starlight. Legolas threw himself upon her, part of his soul was slowly reconnected and he soon regained his color, his smile, his shine. There stood the Legolas they knew and there stood the Forn they missed. Forn lowered her head at the Fellowship, wrapping a wing around Legolas and slowly curling around him until he was completely hidden in the folds of her wings. She sighed, rested her head on her forearms before her eyes drooped closed and she fell into a steady rest. And slowly, after she drifted into the world of dreams, the Fellowship followed her, and the stars watched over them, letting them rest in complete ease.


Galadriel summoned them the next morning. The Fellowship stood before her, Forn proudly centering herself in the middle, and the elf presented them with gifts. Legolas, a new bow, Merry and Pippin, daggers, Sam, elven rope...

Forn shot a glare at Gimli as he spoke to the Lady of Light. The fairest? Forn glanced back at Galadriel, her eyes narrowed. Forn deserved more praise than Galadriel, she was the most beautiful, and perhaps if she was able to express her thoughts, she would have. But instead she sat there, sulking in silence.

"And for you, Forn," Galadriel smiled at the dragon before her. "I grant you the gift of your voice." Three elves appeared behind her, and with them carried a beautiful necklace, fit for a dragon. The elves draped it around her neck, winding the straps around her body so the stone was centered in the middle of her chest. Galadriel then approached Forn, pressing gently onto the stone as it swung open, revealing necklaces fit for human inside.

"These necklaces will cause you to be able to speak with the creature of your choosing. Simply place it around their neck, and you will be able to speak with them freely. Use this gift wisely, twelves necklaces have been formed, and none can be recreated." Forn bowed her head in respect. Although a few seconds ago she had despised the Lady of Light, she now held great admiration for the Lady.

You are very welcome, Forn. Galadriel spoke, gracing the dragon's mind with her voice. Forn knelt, dropping onto her knee into a bow, again showing her gratitude. Forn didn't know if she could thank this elf enough.

And the necklace? It was beautiful, and made Forn feel even more beautiful than she already felt.


Forn lept into the water, sending a wave that rocked the boats the Fellowship were currently sitting in. She surfaced, shaking water droplets from her head, and hummed in pleasure. The water sitting between her scales glittered like diamonds in the sun, making Forn seem no less precious than a gem.

"Forn!" Pippin scolded playfully, as he clung to the side of the boat in fear of falling over. Forn only released a rumbling sound from her belly, that the Fellowship identified as laughter.

Legolas only shook his head as he dug the paddle into the waves once more, straining his muscles in order to propel the boat forward. As he leaned in for another stroke, his mind couldn't help but wander to his glittering dragon floating alongside him. She hadn't given any of the necklaces way yet, and Legolas know that it would only be so long before the hobbits got offended. But he knew her reason for keeping them. As much as she wished to speak with the hobbits (and as much as the hobbits wished to speak with her), Forn knew that her necklaces had a limit. Gifts are not easy for a dragon to give, and the last thing she wants to do is have to take it back. So she pondered, wondering who truly needed and who deserved one of her twelve lovely necklaces.

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