Chap 2 Chocolate Wasted!!!!

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It was time for the party and me and my friend Micaela were going to have fun! Without Mena even though she is the best one for these occasions. I put on a tight short black dress and went on my way with Micaela. We were having fun this Friday. I had to watch Micaela a little because her self esteem took on a whole new low when she watched a video of this girl saying do you like me now then she thought it was okay to dress naked and expose herself. Now all she can do is say do you like me now. Breaking up with bobby didn't do her good. She shakes uncontrollably and takes 9 pills a day. Did I mention she does drugs? Anyways she tried to make me sniff something once but I had no game for it. I noticed then we arrived. I went to the snack bar where somebody offered me weed cake, brownies, cool aid, and a paper bag. I was unsure but I had a bite and felt dizzy. Then they had chocolate buffet were everything was made of chocolate the room and everything in it. But they were pouring liquor into it. "Hey I'm glad you could make it. Wanna go grab some chocolate," Seth asked with a wink. I nodded. I took a big liquor chocolate chunk of  the bar and felt light. "WOO LETS GET CHOCOLATE WASTED," I screamed. I started rolling around in the chocolate being covered in it. "Hey wanna leave and go have some fun," Seth asked. "Sure," I screamed. He led me too a room with pools of liquor chocolate and weed then there was another door. We ran through the door to a lake that was cold enough to almost be slushy. He stripped naked and I followed then we jumped in. Then 90 other people from old, crusty, younge, ugly, and fat joined us naked. I went under water and saw a bottle of liquor at the bottom. I was high as a motherfucker. But best beleive there was a bottle and I drunk it. My vision turrned blurry and I  could not breathe. I tried to swim up but my leg was caught. Then my ass got cut on a peice of glass and I needed air. My vision started fading slowly being tinted with black.

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