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God, I hate this fucking job! I thought it was cool when I was 16, but I'm 21. I looked at myself in the mirror and I finished putting on my outfit for work. "If I looked for another job, who would hire a freak like me?" I said to myself. I was born with a condition that made me look like a reptile, I never never seen or heard of anyone in this city with the same condition as me. I have a mild case, I have patches of scales all over my body. I have a patch of scales over my eye and my eye is eye and reptilian like, across my chest has scales, my ribs, arms, legs and back. There's was a loud bang on my dressing room door, "Iggy, you have 5 minute to get on stage!" My boss yelled. "Ok." I looked myself over in the mirror, I fixed my black and lime green ombré hair and touched up my lipstick and walked out. I hear the dj make my announcement that he does every night, "Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Freakshow!" Yes, I work at the freakshow since I was 16, when my condition started to progress more. "Now for our star attraction and our last act of the night, give up your round of applause to Iggy, the human reptilian!" I walked out while everyone was cheering and gasping. I did my sexy walk to the end of the stage and started doing my usual routine. Shakira's "whenever, wherever" started to play and I started to dance and doing backflips. The coward started cheering more, I started to move my hips and doing the belly rolls. It sucks that the coward can't throw money up on stage, once the song ended, I did one more flip and did the splits. Sometimes I perform with a snake or a lizard and I just dance like I did tonight. I walked back to my dressing room to change back into my regular clothes so I can go home. "Viktoria, that was very sexy what you did up on stage." I turned around and saw my boss Nick. Ever since he hired me, he gives me this weird, creepy vibe from him. He looks at me like I'm prey and he's a predator. "Uhh, thanks Nick." I gave him a weak smile and continue to walk to my dressing room. "For the past 5 years, you've been bringing in business. That means more money for the business, more money for me and more money for you." He gave me a creepy smile and he handed me my money that I made for the night. "Thanks Nick, goodnight." "This is for you." He handed me an envelope, "it's a little extra." He winked at me and I nodded. I quickly walked to my dressing room and locked the door. I took off my bedazzled bra and my long, sheer skirt with long slits and put on my sports bra, tank top, legging, high top converse, and pullover sweater. I feel so much better and comfortable, I gather all my stuff and put it in my duffle bag and walked out of my duffle bag. I walked home, it was chilly night and no one was around, no surprise, who wants to be out at 1:30 in the morning just walking, no one! I put in my headphones and continue my way to my apartment. I sniffed the cold air, something inside me tells me that something is going to happen. I don't know when or I don't know how, but something is going to happen. I just shrug and walk into my apartment, "honey, I'm home!" Who am I kidding, I'm as single as a pringle. Who would want to date a weirdo like me? I stripped my clothes and jumped in the shower to relax and get the creepiness of Nick off of me. I got out, brushed my hair into a bun, put on some cocoa butter and dressed in some bootyshorts and a baggy tshirt and climbed into bed. I lay in bed and think if my life was different if I didn't have this condition, would my mother still love me? Would my father still be alive? Would I finally find love? A million questions raced through my mind and my eyes slowly started to closed and finally I was in a peaceful sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.

A/N: This story is a request by Madness_Is_My_Curse who came up with the details for her character and picked which Suicide Squad member she wanted. Hope you like your story!

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