Aislinn's POV

I am so excited! Niall is taking me on a date! Yeah I admit, I like him. Well I might love him. Might. I couldn't even sleep last night!

I looked at the time. 5PM. I should get ready. I went to the shower and took a long shower. Rinsing my body with peach scented body wash. I squeezed some strawberry shampoo onto my hand and lathered my hair.

I hopped out of the shower and change into my black laced underwear. I dried my hair. Then curled my hair into cute ringlets. I sprayed my hair generously with hair spray so it doesn't get ruined.

I set the curler aside and brought out my makeup kit. I did a smokey eye shadow and put some bold red lipstick. Once I was done, I put some blush and got to my walk-in closet.

I went to my dress side and picked out a red strapless dress that comes to my knees. I put on my black pumps and looked at the time. 7:45. Wow! I took a long time to get ready.

Niall will be here any minute.


The doorbell rang and Sophie the maid opened it. I was sitting on the couch watching spongebob when all of sudden I felt someone cover my eyes with their hands.

"Ready for our date?" His thick Irish accent rang through my ears. His lips brushed on the skin under my ear. I shivered in delight.

I nodded, not trusting my voice. He removed his hands from over my eyes. He held it before him and took ahold of his hand.

He led me outside to a black car. Being the gentleman he is, he held the door open for me. I mumbled a quick 'thank you' and got in. Niall shut the door and got in from the other side.

He started driving. I took the opportunity to look at what he was wearing. He was wearing a black tux and his bleach blonde hair was gelled into perfection.

"I know I am perfect, but not stare-worthy." Niall said.

I averted my eyes. My face started to heat up. I tried hiding my face in my hair, but Niall held my chin up, facing him.

"No need to hide that pretty blush beautiful." His hot breath fell on my lips. I stared into his eyes and started to lean in. Our lips brushed but I held the back of his neck and kissed him properly.

His tongue slid on my lower lip, wanting entrance, but I pulled away.

"This is a to fast Niall," I say.

For a fraction of a second his face falls, but he composed himself. I guess I was seeing things.

"So let's start out date then?" He asked. I smiled at him.


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