A Kpop Fangirl Poem

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A Kpop Fangirl Poem

Fangirling is my hobby,
Studies is my priority,
They say that I'm blurry,
Well, they don't undestand me

Because of this inspiration,
Successful me is on my vision,
Seoul is my destination,
To marry my bias is my mission

Music has no language barrier,
Communication through heart is
I and my friends will gather,
I'll introduce myself as a PROUD


Relaaate! But seriously, I'm new to kpop world. Mahilig lang talaga ako dati nun sa mga kdramas. Ilang months palang akong stalker ng EXO. Or should I say admirer. Lool. I really love this poem. :)

EXO LOKOHAN 101Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!