A Bonus Chapter: It's Only Temporary by adam_and_jane

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Author's Note:

Surprise! I missed the Penny/David banter way too much, so here's a bonus epilogue! For this chapter, Penny is outfitted in a head-to-toe look from H&M's fall #LadyLike collection.

Surprise! I missed the Penny/David banter way too much, so here's a bonus epilogue! For this chapter, Penny is outfitted in a head-to-toe look from H&M's fall #LadyLike collection

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Penny is wearing this outfit to meet David for a weeknight dinner date. She chose it because it emphasizes a part of her body that isn't overtly racy but turns out to be downright irresistible – just like Penny herself. She's come a long way from the girl at the beginning of her story who gave up her own dreams to support a guy. Now she's a strong, empowered woman who knows exactly where she stands, and she isn't afraid to take charge of her relationship. You can check out her look along with outfits from some other famous Wattpad leading ladies on the official @HandM profile. This bonus scene was sponsored by H&M. Enjoy! <3


Penny hustled down the sidewalk, weaving her way through the throngs of office workers headed for the subway at the end of a long day. She used to be one of them not so long ago, and she couldn't help but feel a sense a pride that she'd moved on. She was finally back on track, and she knew exactly where she was headed.

It was one of those perfect fall days in New York City, after the unbearable humidity of August had dissipated but a hint summer warmth still lingered in the air. Penny had started her first year at medical school a few weeks ago, but her classes let out early on Wednesday afternoons. She probably should have used the time to study, but she already knew the material for tomorrow's anatomy test backward and forward. She'd stayed up late the night before going over it with her study group – and then David had quizzed her on the material again last night in bed.

A secret smile curved her lips as she remembered. He'd flipped her onto her stomach, and started at her feet, tracing his fingers lightly upward, pausing at each surface until she produced the proper Latin names for the bones and muscles.



Calcaneal tendon...


Biceps femoris...

Gluteus maximus...

He made his way all the way up to her scapulae before he got distracted. He had a tendency to get hung up there, Penny thought with a little laugh. What was it with David and that particular part of her anatomy? It had something to do with that time he came to her old place in Brooklyn, the first summer she was temping for him. He'd never seen her out of business clothes before, and she remembered how she'd walked him downstairs at the end of the party to catch a cab... and how his fingers had lingered, tracing circles beneath the edge of her cap sleeve.

They both had their favorite spots, she supposed. She would never tire of spending quality time with her face nuzzled in the hollow of David's neck – and he never failed to pay a little extra attention to her shoulders.

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