chapter 1

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before you read the book a few things you need to know

1: the book might have some mature scenes but nothing too mature this story is rated pg 13 it includes zaya, rucas, falyssa (Farkle and Alyssa) it will aslo have some cussing.

2: sometimes I might do bold so bold=actions


and normal=dialogue

aslo if you don't like the story, ships, etc don't leave hate or anything just don't read it thanks

that's it!

roll the book! 😂


chapter 1


Riley Mathews was walking home from a dark alley when she suddenly was pushed against a wall

Riley:(gronas in pain)

guy #1: give me your purse!

Riley: no

guy #2: (points a gun to her head) give us the pruse or we'll shoot you

Riley:(terrified) (screams) HELP SOMEBODY!!!!

guy #1: you shouldn't have done that (about to pull the trigger)

Riley:(closes her eyes waiting to hear a gun fire but she doesn't hear anything) (instead she's pushed to the ground and sees some guy beating the guys up)

(after the guy beats the other guys up he walks up to Riley and pulls her up by her shirt)

Riley:(scared) T-thank you for saving me.

strange guy aka Lucas: (still holding Riley by her shirt) don't think me saving you was free you're gonna have to pay me.

Riley:(still scared) I don't have any money

Lucas: I'm not talking about paying me in cash you're gonna pay me by becoming my slave/maid.

Riley: w-what do you mean?

Lucas:(drops Riley on the ground like she's a rag doll)

Riley:(winces in pain)


two boys come out of a corner. their wearing red hoddies.

Lucas: zay farkle you know what to do.

zay and farkle: (nod understanding what he means)

zay:(grabs Riley and throws her over his shoulder)

Riley: HEY LET ME GO! (she screams and starts hitting zays back)

zay and farkle:(ignore her protests and throw her in the back of a black truck and lock the doors so she can't get out)

Riley: (bangs on the windows) LET ME OUT! HELP SOMEONE HELP

Riley screams for help but it's useless their already driving to gosh knows where. she puts her knees to her chin and suddenly she sees a girl about 15 years old crying and hugging her knees beside her.

Riley: hey who are u and what are you doing in here?? (she asks the fragile looking girl softly)

?: (lifts her head up from her knees) T-they did the same thing to me that they did to you. (she says with a creaking voice) (then she lets her head fall back down on her knees)

riley: w-who 'saved' you?

?: (looks up at Riley and simply says) Farkle minkus

Riley: so you have to be farkles slave?

?: (nods 'yes')

Riley: how old are you?

?: 15

Riley: I'm so sorry you have to through this.

?: I'm sorry for you too

Riley: what's your name?

?: Alyssa harmony Barron

Lucas:(yells from the front seat) hey you two no talking!!!

Alyssa and Riley:(stop talking and just hug their knees and rock back and forth while quietly crying)

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