Jack's POV

I held my breath as Alex reached for the zipper to his hoodie. He pulled it of slowly revealing the multiple cuts, burns, and bruises covering his arms.

"Fuck." I mumbled, covering my mouth with my hand completely dumbstruck. Alex you need to go to the doctor or something for-" I started, still amazed by how beat up he was.

"No!" He cried cutting me off. "I can't. No way. My father would kill me." He explained.

"Well this is going to kill you if he doesn't!" I replied pointing at his arms.

"Jack why does it even matter to you? It doesn't effect you. It's not like I have anywhere else to go."

"You- You could live with me." I stuttered. His face faltered quickly

"You're supposed to hate me Jack. Just like all the other football players." He stated sadly.

"Says who?" I said raising an eyebrow, smiling slightly.

"Jack- please just bring me home." He said quietly pulling his hoodie back on.

"No." I stated simply, turning down my road. "You aren't going back there." 

"Don't do this Jack." He stated quickly. "You'll regret it."

"Maybe I will." I shrugged, completely ignoring his comment.

"At least let me go talk to my father, you can wait right outside and watch the whole time. If he does anything you can help." He said. I just nodded, and turned the car around towards his house.


I pulled into Alex's driveway my heart pounding like crazy in my chest.

"I'll be right outside if you need me Lex." I stated getting out with him. He just nodded, his face white as he walked inside leaving the door cracked open for me to peek in.

"Is that you Alex?" I heard a older male voice say sternly.

"Y-y-yeah." Alex stuttered. I watched as a older man with dark brown graying hair walked into the kitchen.

"What do you want?" The man snapped, eyes angry.

"I'm leaving." Alex said quietly. I watched in horror as the man sunk his fist into Alex's stomach.

"The fuck did you just say to me fag?" He snarled angrily.

"You heard me." He gasped, now on the floor clutching his stomach. I watched as his father lowered his fist onto Alex again and again.

"What the hell are you doing?" I snarled as I slammed open the door.

"Who are you?" The man snapped pointing an accusing finger at me.

"Why the hell does it matter?" I asked walking over to him until we were face to face.

"Get the hell out of my house!" He screamed at me.

"Gladly!" I fought back. A jabbed my elbow into his stomach before I walked over to Alex and helped him up. We walked to the door, me supporting him the whole way.

"You're lucky I don't put a fucking hole in your scull." I snapped at Alex's dad before I slammed the door.

"You okay Alex?" I asked pulling him over to the car.

"Y-yeah." He stuttered sitting down on the seat his eyes blank.

"It's all gonna get better Alex, I promise." I said rubbing his knee comfortingly


"I'm sorry." Alex whispered as we pulled up to my house.

"Why the hell are you sorry Alex?" I responded confused.

"Because you're helping me when you barley even know who I am." He said a tear slipping from his eye.

"Alex, you were gonna die, and you're staying with me no matter what the hell my parents say." I explained. He just nodded and followed me up to the door.

"Can you wait here for a minute while I talk to my mom?" I asked, he only nodded in reply not meeting my eyes. I pulled open the door and stepped into the front hall, met by the smell of food cooking.

"Mom? I need to talk to you." I said rushing into the kitchen.

"Yes Jack?" She smiled, her face faltering when she saw my distressed look.

"Is it okay for one of my friends to- uh move in for a little while?" I asked scratching the back of my neck.

"What's bringing this up sweetie? Which one of your friends needs to stay here?" She asked smiling.

"His names Alex, and mom please; He need's somewhere to stay." I begged.

"Alex? He's new." She stated leaning up against the counter.

"Yeah, I've only known him for a few days." I explained, hoping she wasn't going to say no.

"Jack, why would you invite someone you barley know into our house? What if he's dangerous?" She said her face worried.

"Mom, you'll understand when you see him that… he need's to get out of that house." I begged, now on my knees begging her. She couldn't say no; She just couldn't.

"Let me meet him then." She said trying to smile, even though I knew underneath she was freaked out. I nodded and rushed out to where Alex was waiting.

"Okay." I smiled knowing she couldn't say no once she saw him. She just couldn't. He followed me into the house and into the kitchen to where my mom was waiting. As soon as my mom got a look at him all the color drained from her face amazed at Alex's state. I had to agree, he did look pretty depressing.

His face was covered in bruises and cuts, while his body was small and pale, intensely thin to the point that his ribs were easily visible. His hair was tangled and fell in his face in a mess, while his sweatshirt was pulled over his head as he shivered violently.

"Oh sweetie let me get you a blanket." She said as soon as she saw him. When she walked out of the room Alex looked up at me and smiled; It was the first time I've seen him smile and I knew it meant I was making progress.


AWHHHH *Snuggles* What a cute ending. FLUFFY(ISH) CHAPTER. OAHHH EMM GEEE. I'm sorry I got a little exited right there ;) Anyways. . .I'm glad you guys are reading.


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