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Chapter 3

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      So yahh,,,,,, i had stopped writing this story for aaaaa whileeee along with Fixing Cars and His Heart,, mean ya :( lol jst had a HUGE!! writers block,, uninspired you know :( BUT,,, Now its all better and good!

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     I looked sideways to the drivers seat for the hundredth times as once again i found a deep frown on Alex's face. After picking me up he hadn't utter a word apart from his annoying sighs here and there. I swear if he sighted one more time i would not be responsible for my actions!

"V, I thought you were over him", Alex said softly sighing and turning to look at me with a small frown.

Forgetting about my threats i turned to him giving a sigh of my own, "I am, its just i...i kissed him last night" looking for his reaction before i continued, but he had already turned back to the road "And i guess it just brought back memories...."

"Okay" was his only response, but his hands tightened along the steering wheel giving him away, but i knew if he dint believe me. I knew i was right I am over Ian, it had taken long but i had.

He and i were the past, but somehow i couldn't let it go i want revenge. As much as i hate to admitted he had hurt me, real bad. I want him to suffer like i did!

Which bring me to explain last nights plans, by any means i thought dint work at all. Actually now that i think about it i don't even know why i did it. It sounded dumb now that i think it over, haha i must have been drunk when i thought of such a plan.

Suddenly a soft hand was onto of mine in my lap, i looked up to find Alex looking at me with a smile before getting out the car and coming to my side to open my door.I grateful accepted his extended hand as he helped me out of his car, with a smile.

"Come on guys!, stop with the smiles its creeping me out" Came an all to familiar voice. Eliza.

We turn to find the small blond tapping her feet impatiently on the schools parking lot, never the less she grinned at us launching her self at me with a bear hug.

 "Oh honey sorry, i had to leave early, dumb brother", She said into my hair. Letting her go i smiled reassuringly before Alex grabbed us making our way towards the school doors.

           It had been a tradition as anyone can remember, soccer tryouts where always held one month before school officially started. I guess it was a good thing gave us more time to practice. All you did was came to school and tryout. Still it dint mean i was completely okay with it, waking up early and all the drama, but ill do anything for soccer.

The tree of us made our way out of the crowded cafeteria towards the soccer field out back.

"I swear i could have died man, haven't they heard of air conditioner"  Eliza whined rushing passed us towards a blacked haired guy, Which I'm guessing was, Cory her boyfriend. I chuckled lightly as my suspicions where confirmed as she started yelling 'Cory' as if he would suddenly disappear.

I looked beside me to find a smiling Alex. Smiling back, he put his arm around my shoulder guiding us towards the freshly cut grass. People were mingling here, most likely waiting for the action to start, as well as students practicing.

"So, are you ready to kick some serious butt,V?" Alex grinned playfully.

Laughing i smirked at him "You bet, even yours pretty boy"

Alex eyes sparkled, opening his mouth he spoke but what came out wasn't his voice, "LOOK OUT!" i sweet medolyc voice screamed. I turned back to find there was no longer anymore people instead a blond gorgeous guy. Before i could react i was being pushed to the ground and the arm that was once around my shoulders disappeared, being replaced by to strong firm ones in my waist.

As if in slow motion i waited for the impact, but it never came only a small thud beside me. Openinig my eyes only to find the most alluring deep green orbs. As he saw my now eyes full open a drool worthy smile claimed his lips.

Too soon i heard footsteps and someone clear there throats very loudly. I saw those awesome green eyes drift behind me and soon his smile vanished to be replaced by a full sexy smirk and tighten his hold around my waist, but i couldn't be bother to look behind me. All that filled my mind was this guy in front of me, and man let me tell you this guy smells damn good.    



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