The Kid Part 19

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20th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

Now I know why the kid had such a high pain threshold.

She looked like she had it beaten into her. That would explain why she was able to move about the way she has been.

It worked odds with how affectionate she has shown herself to be. Especially where the weaker were concerned.

I thought for a moment that she might have thought me to one of those that she considered to be weaker, but I don't think so.

But following her as she raced back to the compound even took a bit of wind out of me and I am no slouch either. I even noticed that peach was even having a hard time keeping her in sight and he's the fastest of us all.

Hearing the others coming up behind, I ran straight for the gates as the sound of screaming and gunfire filled the air.

We got close enough to them to come around a building to see her in a hand to hand combat fight with someone who I think is her brother. The one she calls Jinx.

Looking behind then seeing a brief movement on the ground, I saw another man with a knife sticking out of his throat. One that looks familiar to me. It was one that belonged to the kid.

Raising my eyebrow at that, I then gave my full attention to the life or death fight that was no happening before us.

"Shit, who the hell taught her to fight?" I heard Dane say as he stepped up beside me while holding his ribs.

"Her father from what I gather." I murmured to him.

" Glad the fuckers dead then, hey?" Dane went on to say which had me then cradleing my rifle in my arms as I looked at him.

" Pete saw him. Went after him. Then sliced him from top to bottom. The fucker is as dead as a doornail." Dane went on to say very happily.

Just hearing that meant that Pete had a big grievance against th e man. One that might have involved his children i would think.

"Did you confirm?" I asked him.

"I gave him the knife after I shot his kneecaps out so he couldn't get away." Dane was murmuring as we watched in a sudden move, the kid reefed out the knife from her other brothers throat and swung in in a wide arc damn near cleanly decapitating her older brothers head.

Then we just watched as she was gasping for air as she kneeled over the body of her brother watching I assume the light of life fading away through his eyes as his blood had sprayed all over the front of the kid with her actions.

Then she stood up in a slight wobbly stagger to stand there with blood dripping not only from the knife, but also from various cuts that she too had sustained from the fight she was just in.. and finished.

She was looking around at everyone. She was looking for one particular perosn.

"He's dead." I called out to her knowing who it was that she was searching the others for.

"Good" Was all she said in a low gasping voice as we see her sucking air into her tired lungs.

"Is it finished?" I heard her ask.

"Damn it. I just got the kid healed and now this." I spat, disgusted with this turn of events as I slowly and carefully walked up beside her and ran my hand down her arm to her hand and gently pry the knife out of her hand.

"That's my fishing knife and I want it back." She went on to say to me as she focused on something, or someone else.

"So you can't keep it." She also added which had my lips twitching.

The kid fights better than I do. She's been taught well, very well.

But she's used what she's been taught to survive and to protect when necessary.

A moment later, she bolted passed me and out through the gates leaving us all behind. because it was so sudden, the men had their weapons up and aimed which had me quickly raise my own to stop them.

"The kids." I muttered to the others as I began to follow her.

She's going for the kids and I chased after her to help her.

I then heard some of the others then chasing after me.

A few minutes later I came across her as she was kneeling on the ground and grabbing out the rocks we filled the entrance into the cave with to protect the kids from anything that might want to join the kids inside.

A few seconds later, the kid was squeezed through and I was down and joining her.

The moment i was inside, I saw her kneeling down not far from the kids with a torch she pulled out of those pants that she got from who knows where and aimed the light over the kids.

A moment later, I saw one body hurl passed me in the dark before a second one soon joined them.

"They are only sleeping. They should be waking soon." The kid said to the men before moving back away from the kids.

She backed up until I could just feel her back brushing against the front of my chest. Then I noticed she was sagging a little.

I would have to say that i would be sagging too after the last ten days of events.

" I need a drink. But I'll settle for a coffee instead." I heard her say which nearly had me snickering at her. But then, I think I needed a drink too after the last few days.

Then we made our way back out of the cave after some others came in with torches and a medical kit.

"Ms Daily. My name is Ian Green. I'm the commander who sent my men in to look into the compound and the victims used in the game. I see you've met team leader Knox. Have you got a few minutes to spare for some questions?" The Preacher walked up to the kid and asked her then waited a moment for the kid to respond.

"You'll have to wait until after." She said to him in a voice that sounded a bit shaky to me.

"After what, Ms Daily?" The preacher asked her sounding a bit curious.

"After I finish my faint of course." Was what she then said as she effortlessly lowered to the ground in a faint, very ladylike it was too.

The preacher made it to her just before her head hit the rock to cushion the fall and possibly stopping the kid from getting any further injury.

"Well, damn." I said in disgust as I watched Peach lean down with another medical kit and sort the kid out.

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