Needing a Coffee Part 18

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20th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Neena's POV...

What the.. I could see that Knox was aiming, but it wasn't his bullets that took those dogs down. Not from the way that they fell and not from the direction those silent bullets hit them.

There was another shooter here, or maybe more than one.

I hunkered down a little lower trying to make myself as small as possible as I watched the men below the tree that Knox was in huddle together as they watched as the men that were hunting them make there appearance in the clearing to stop and look at the dogs that were dead before them.

Then I saw them all immediately lift their rifles and aim them at the men they were suppose to be hunting.

But before any of them could shoot, other bullets begun to spray down over them.

But i was focused on just one man who turned tail and ran after shovig one of the other men in front of him so that he could get away.

Which he did, but not before I dropped down onto the ground very carefully and begin my own hunt. After my father.

I didn't know that there wsas somone following me at an even pace covered in camourflage gear so that he would be undetected.

But I didn't know that since I was so focused on the man who was suppose to be the one to protect me. To love and raise me. But he didn't.

He trained me.

He trained me to be like him. He taught me how to fight. He taught me how to hunt. And he taught me how to kill.

But not like this. It was never suppose to be like this.

I also never thought that I would one day be a part of the sick game that he organised and that I would one day be their prey. Finding out why just before Knox rescued me answered a lot of questions that I had, but not all of them.

It was all to do with my mother and who her family was.

None of them are around anymore. My mother is the last one. Or if my fears are proved right where my mum is concerned, I am now the last one. The only one left to carry on her legacy.

A legacy I found out my father has stolen from her, and from me too. But now it has all been lost. I will have to make my own future for myself in whatever way I can when all this has finished.

I straight away went to the hole in the fence that we had made the day before and after checking that there was no one around that was watching, dogs included, I climbed through and after getting through the second fence, I raced to throw myself under the cage we had used the first time I came in.

I could hear all sorts of noises coming from the other side of the compound with a few screams thrown in which raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

Those screams were coming from some women and children.

Oh hell no he wasn't. I was thinking as I threw all caution to the wind and scrambled out from under the cage to frighten the man who was huddled inside it in one corner.

' Shhh." I motioned to him lifting my finger to cover my mouth at him before reaching up and pulling out the pins that kept the cage closed that couldn't be reached from the person inside the cage.

Then I motoned to him the holes in the fence.

"make sure no one sees you and once through the fences, make for those bushes and get into them and lay low. Don't move once there." I said to him in a very low voice which had him tearfully nod at me.

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