The Game Begins Part 17

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I am going away for my yearly break with my hubby and won't be back home till next week. So I may as well update the next few chapters I already have written. I Hope you like them and if you do, please let me know by either voting or commenting.
Lyn (A.C.H)

20th September 2016  All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

We left the kids in the cave with assurances that we will be back for them.

Since we were able to get in and out of the camp without getting caught, taking the kids with us, it gave the kids confidence that what we said we'll be doing, will actually get done.

So after leaving them with a torch and after giving them a little snack to tide them over. We suggested to the kids to lay down and have a nap while we were gone and hopefully before too long, we'll be back with their father.

They were just dropping off to sleep before we left not knowing that I had slipped a tiny amount of sedative into the snack that the kid had given them.

Watching the kid tuck them in so to speak, I motioned to her that it was time. So quietly and with alot of stealth, we slowly made our way out of the cave and down to where we had left a few things hidden that will be coming in useful.

Using the binoculars, I saw that they had moved Dane and the men in the cage next to him out in the open.

I suppose they found out that the kids had been removed from there and the hunters wanted to know where the kids were. But the men weren't talking.

It got them a bashing before being sent over towrads the gates where other men with rifles were waiting.

Slinging my own rifle that I had packed into my bag over my shoulder, I waved to the kid that I was going to head off now and get into position.

The kid knew where to go and get herself into position as well.

Despite the noises coming from the camp, some of which were horrendously painful to hear. I got myself into the best position to wait for the men to come, which hopefully will be this way.

Seeing the kid about a hundred yards across from me, i saw that she was ready too. With the black and brown ash painted all over her. You couldn't even tell that she had blonde hair either.

I swear that if I didn't know she was there, I would not have seen her at all. Her camourflage was that good. Just as good as mine.

One thing she did surprise me with was the dog crap she had collected as we moved through the camp. She stuffed some of it into her sling and when we got back to camp, she made a paste of it and added the ashes and black coal into it and used it as a covering on her skin, hair and clothes.

She had found that it was an okay deterent that dogs didn't like. Another dogs shit. They might come and sniff it, but it puts them off.

She is damn resourceful as I have mentioned previously. Better than most soldiers.

It wasn't long before we heard the game start.

So watching as the five men, naked and beaten, were herded out of the gate and forced to run.

Thankfully, they ran in our direction. Now all we have to do was wait, which didn't take long.

I have to say that even though my concentration has been on those in the compound as well as the men who were now running for their lives, the hairs on the back of my neck were telling me that there was also someone else out here waiting.

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