Am i going mad ?

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Chapter 5

We packed up and my dad was coming up stairs again
We both barged passed him
He tried to grab my neck but missed thankfully
We ran out the house
I could hear shouting and smashing but I didn't look back
I cried while I ran
Tyson didn't see
I had finally left the place I grew up.. I have left every memory of my mum
And I left my abusive dad behind
We finally stopped running and I had stop crying
"We are here"
We had arrived at his mum and dads house
As we entered I was greeted by a wet dogs nose on my hand soon followed by my hands being licked
"Come on .. I will introduce you To my parents
We walked down a corridor to the kitchen
His house was huge.. I started to panic
"Tyson i can't.. They will hate me.. My arms."
"He smiled at me and grabbed my hand
"Mum dad this is Amber"
They greeted me with hugs and smiles before looking at my arms.
I knew the judgemental looks would follow
But instead his mum smiled
I had never seen anyone so beautiful since my mum died
I hid my arms
"Don't hid your arms beautiful.. The scars represent how you have survived and the cuts show how you are trying to survive"
My scars we're so deep I was ashamed
I let out an nervous laugh before his mum rolled up her sleve and showed hers
"You.." I was stoped in my tracks
"Yes.. Now don't ever be ashamed in this house."
I hugged for her ages before Tyson interrupted
"We have homework to do"
He gave me a smirk and we went up stairs.

"Thank you so much Tyson.. I just can't believe you care. Nobody has cared about me for years.."
I kissed him again and he pulled back
"Amber I care about you so much it's unreal.. You are not pathetic or attention seeking.. Don't ever believe what he says"
He pulled me in close and smiled
"So where am I sleeping"
He showed me his bed and pointed
"In your bed. Tyson your mum and dad.. I can't sleep in your bed this soon"
"No silly I'll sleep in my brothers room."
We exchanged smiles before I got comfortable on his bed
"Come join me"
I opened my arms and he snuggled in
"Has your mum ever told you why she cut? Does she know about you ?"
"My mum doesn't talk about it as it hurts her knowing she used to do that to her body but never told me the reason why. And yes she does know about me. She cried for days and then helped me get better"
"She is amazing.. Wish my mum was still around to help me"
"Where is she?"
"My mum died.." No tears came when I said this it was unsual
"Oh Amber baby I'm so sorry"
"I don't talk about it much"
Tyson cuddled more into me and He played with my hair

•After a while •

"Tyson Amber come here"
We got up and walked down stairs

His mother had cooked us some food and it was lying on a table for a us
"Right guys eat up. Don't know why you are home so late Tyson but you must be hungry."
She sat down and inspected me eating
"So tell me about yourself Amber. You dating my son
I choked on my bread
"Emm I'm not dating you son. I am here because he helped me with family problems.."
I looked at them
"Family problems. Everything okay ?"
"Yes.will you excuse me"
I ran to the bathroom and started to throw up
I felt disgusting.. Hating being sick but I hated food.
"Amber are you okay.. Let me in"
Tyson banged on the door
I opened up and he looked at my arms
"You didn't cut thank god..What's wrong"
"I just got panicked about the questions"
He hugged me
"I know you don't eat and it's okay. I can help you"
I moved away from his strong grip
"I don't need help. I should of never left my dad. I shouldn't be here either.. In your house..I'm sorry"
I walked out the toilet and towards his front door
"Hunny where you going? "
"I am really thankful but I need air."
I walked out the house and started walking
Do I go back to my house? Do I just walk? Do I go find a tree and hang myself?

I went walking
And I passed "jazz" old house
Nobody had moved in to it after the family left
So I walked around the back and climbed up the tree into the tree house
I cradled myself with the blanket that was left and cried before I heard footsteps
I looked out and I seen a figure a person standing at the drive
I couldn't see the persons features but it looked like "jazz"
I climbed down from the tree and ran towards the figure before I was tacked down to the ground
"Amber.. I am so happy you are alive.. You have been away for 2 hours. I thought you had done something stupid "
I looked at his red puffy eyes
"Have you been crying"
"Yes. Amber I thought you had went back to your dads or worse you had jumped of a bridge!! I care about you so much that it broke me"
I rolled up his sleeves and looked at his arms
"So happy you didn't.". I kissed his arms then his lips
I stopped and looked at the driveway and the figure had gone
Where?was it real? Or am I going mad

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