Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Perrie's POV:

I was cuddling with Jade on the couch. This moment was perfect for me. I knew it was just a friendly gesture for her to invite me in but it meant so much more for me. She started drawing circles with her thumb on the back of my hand. My feet started to get cold so I wrapped my legs up in hers. I felt her hot breath on the back of my neck and I got goosebumps. I felt my eye lids starting to get heavy. Jade made me calm and I could just fall asleep from being in her arms.

I was woken up by someone poking me.

"Perrie, Jade get up and go to bed" I heard someone say. My eye lids opened as I realized I had fallen asleep next to Jade. I turned my head to see Jadey asleep too. She looked adorable!

"It's alright, you two go, I'll carry her to bed. I don't want to wake her up" I said getting up. Leigh and Jesy both nodded and I walked them to the door as I said goodbye. They only lived next door so I would probably be seeing them soon anyway. As I walked back to the couch I looked to see Jade standing there very sleepy.

"Perrie. You left me" she said almost crying. I ran up to her embracing her in a hug.

"I'm sorry, I only walked Leigh and Jesy to the door. C'mon let's get you to bed" she nodded and I picked her up bridal style. Her face dug into my neck and she wrapped her arms around my neck. As I was about to put her down on her bed she kissed my neck. I dropped her.

"Buba I'm so sorry" I said as I fell on top of her.

"I tripped over" I said lying to her face.

"It's ok" she giggled.

"Ugh, Jade are you going to let me go?" I said laughing.

"No" she said shaking her head and pulling me closer. I could tell she was being sarcastic and just teasing me until she said something that caused butterflies throughout my whole body.

"Stay with me" she said whispering in my ear. I felt it hard to swallow after what she had just said.

"Ok" I said as a whisper as I climbed in next to her. She rolled over and she was facing me. Her arm wrapped around my waist as she intertwined our legs. I had a massive smile plastered on my face.

"Goodnight Pez" I heard her cute voice say.

"Goodnight Jadey" I said back.


At about midnight Jade started to talk in her sleep.

"Sam. No. Don't do this" I woke up to her voice and instantly I felt myself get mad at his name.

"Perrie! No please! I love you" my eyes shot open as I sat up. What did she just say. She loved me.

"Perrie don't leave. Why are you leaving me. Sam leave her alone! Don't do this! I hate you sam! I HATE YOU! Perrie is the one I love, I have never loved you Sam. Perrie stop walking away! Come back please" she started crying. I was shocked as to what I was hearing. She loved me. I felt tears escape my eyes as I realized I was crying as well. A gasp escaped Jades mouth as her eyes shot open. She noticed I was sitting up and crying.

"Perrie why are you crying" she asked.

"Jade you love me?!" I asked. Her face went ice cold as she ran out of the room. I heard the door close as I sat lying in Jades bed alone. I cried even more. I laid back down grabbing hold of Jades pillow and cuddling it. Suddenly I fell asleep.

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