Kids. Gotta Love 'Em. Part 16

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20th September 2016 All Rights Reserved

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Knox's POV...

I will not think about what happened a few hours earlier. It shouldn't have happened. I must have lost my mind by touching the kid like I did.

And now I have to forget it. As if I could, damn it.

Watching the kid, Neena, watching the compound below us, she still fascinated me with how she calmly assumes the fact that we are going to try and infiltrate the compound and close it down.

Just the two of us.. on our own.

Anyone would think she was Stallone with the way she was acting, dressed as she was. Or undressed.

She got some of the black coal and grushed it and rubbed it all over her skin so that her white fair skin wouldn't be seen either at night or during the day.

She had her knife attached to her shoe like she had earlier and she also had the hand gun shoved into a makeshift belt that she had strapped to the good thigh.

The kid was very resourceful and also adaptable.

She was all prepared to help me get in and take down the leaders of the game. The ones who happened to be her brothers. Or more like her father after the few things we saw here in the last few hours.

The look on her face when she saw her father participate in the game changed a little of her outlook.

She had this glacial look that came over her face as she looked at the man who she grew up calling 'dad' and then I saw something die a little in her eyes.

Then she said something that i didn't think of before which surprised me and brought my attention back to the task at hand.

"Did you know that those two dogs with slight limps are three minutes slower at getting around the compound that the others?" She said to me in a very quiet voice.

Then she turned to look at me with a small smile on her face.

"Three minutes? What could we do in three minutes?" I asked her as I lifted the binoculars to look at the compond again.

"Maybe climb through that hole I crept down there and made in the fence.. and rush through the second fence to hide under that cage there." She said with a slight grin on her face which had me frowning at her.

"What hole in the fence?' I asked her as I rested my hands on my thighs again as I was squatting down low beside her.

"When you went and had a piss earlier, I went down and cut the fence just there and there and was out in under three minutes." She said as she pointed to a part of the fence that doesn't look like it was cut.

I frowned at her doubting her ability to od what she said.

"I did the first hole in three minutes and when you went off around that side there for a moment, I went back and climbed through and over to the other fence and cut it and made it out in under three minutes and just then when you went to check out that side over there, I not only got inside and under that cage, but I waited until it was clear again and made it back out again. And you didn't even notice anything." She said to me with a proud tint to her voice.

The kid is very ingenious about alot of things. I guess she would have to be with her family as they were.

"Why don't we go in just before dark?" She asked me as she looked back down at the compound again.

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