Its killing me

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Y/n's POV
                                                                           TRIGGER WARNING
It was my father, I thought I would never see him again after I moved out, he was obviously was stalking me, I mean we are in a completely different state, we're on the other side of the god damn country for crying out loud, my heart started to beat faster as he came closer to me, "don't be scared my princess" he said in a suductive tone, I just gulped, he stood in front of me and smile that terrifying grin, he put a strong grip on my shoulder and slapped me, I could basically feel the bruise form, he stroked me face and moved his hand down to my tied hands and untied the "now don't think I'm letting you go bunny rabbit your just going to give me my reward" "reward for what dip shit" I replied in a sassy tone, his reply was to punch me in the eye, I groaned in pain, he just smirked, what a sick human being, perv, I thought to myself, he finished untying my hands and started to unbuckle his belt, oh no I know what coming now, he unzipped his jeans and removed his boxers, I just gagged that was a bad idea since he just shoved his gross disgusting dick in my mouth, and started thrusting, I just kept gagging, when will Vinny save me...

Vinny's POV

I walked off stage expecting to get jumped on by Y/n but she wasn't their I though, huh maybe she's still on the bus, so o went to the bus to find out she's not their I texted he a million times, I called 40 trillion times, and walked around the WHOLE tour grounds about 78 trillion billion times and didn't see her, I started having a fucking panic attack, where the fuck could she be...

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