chapter 14

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Kyle's Pov.

Right when I made sure Violet was asleep I looked at our schedule for tour and saw the city we were playing that day. I googled restaurants to go to and I decided on going to a little outside café. I tried to fall asleep but I couldn't. I was just wide awake. I soon heard the bus door open and a drunk loud Andy appear along with Dave, Lou, and Joshua. I got out of my bunk and went to the front to shut them up before they woke up violet.

"shh! People are sleeping. Be quiet."

"Dont worry we were just getting this one to his bunk." Dave said patting Andy's chest.

"hey! I don't need to go to bed!" Andy yelled laughing.

"Where's Eric?"

"Oh he's in his bunk."

"what? I didn't even hear him."

Andy was yelling so we put him in his bunk and he passed out.

I went into mine and sighed.

"Why was Andy yelling?" Violet voice raspy from sleeping.

"He's hammered."

Violet laughed.

"I know where we are going tomorrow but I'm not telling you but you will like it."

"I can't wait." Violet kissed me. I didn't even hesitate.

"Good night."

Violets Pov.

Ironically Kyle and I woke up at the same time.

Kyle checked what time it was and groaned.


"it's ten."

I laughed.

"Well we should get ready and go."

"okay." I said. Kyle got out of the bunk and so did I. My hair was still straight from the night before so I just got dressed and put a beanie over it. I met Kyle in the front of the bus.

"Are you ready?" Kyle out his hand out and I gladly accepted it.

"Lets go."

"Be back just in time for sound check!" Dave yelled.

"We will don't worry."

"It's a short walk."


Ten minutes later we arrived to a small cafe.

I smiled. Kyle knew I loved going to cafe's back home.

We sat down and I got a cup of tea and Kyle got a cup of coffee.

"Now here is what I have been waiting to ask you, but of course I want to say a few things. You do make everything better you make me happier and I do love you. You make me happy all the time. I want you to be mine again. Violet can you be my girlfriend. again?"

"Kyle you don't even have to ask of course. I can trust you again, but please don't break it. I want to give this relationship a second chance. also for some reason I think this time it will work."

"good." Kyle leaned over the table and kissed me.

We walked hand and hand towards the bus. Kyle was smiling more then ever.

Kyle's Pov.

I was relieved and happy to call violet mine again. Tonight we play our first show of the tour. I was excited to play a show for Violet for the first time in almost two years. I got dressed and warmed up. Violet watched and smirked at me.

"What are you starring at?" I said smiling at her.

"Just you." she winked. I walked over to her and kissed her.

"Five minutes." Dave yelled.

"okay!" I yelled back.

"Well.. I gotta go."

"I'll be watching."

During the show I would look over at Violet and smile at her.

-After The Show-

After the show everyone went back to the bus. Violet was feeling tired so she went to sleep while I talked with the guys.

Violets Pov.

I was in the bunk until I heard someone mention my name.

"So you and Violet together again?"

"Yes and I don't plan on messing this up this time."

"Good. Kyle she likes you a lot and just don't hurt her again."

"I wont!" Kyle voice was harsh and had a hint of annoyance in it.

"I'm not trying to make you mad but I'm just saying." I figured who's voice it was and it was Andy's.

"I know I'm just going to bed." I was rushing back into the bunk until Kyle said my name.

"Violet I saw you."

"shit." I whispered.

"Did you hear?"

"um.. yeah." I said rubbing my arm.

Kyle sighed as we both got into the bunk.

"listen.. I'm not going to ever hurt you again."

"I believe you." I gave Kyle a kiss.

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