Chapter One

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Chapter One


            The bus was damp, the air was cold and the other people on it were annoying and obnoxious, but the biggest reason I was peeved was that my parents didn't tell me that I had powers. Yes, I, Mason Shaw, sixteen-year-old boy, was being sent to a boarding school for boys. I was specifically going to Jenkins Boarding School for Young Male Witches; "the best possible school for someone to attend," as my mother put it.

            Why was I here? I didn't want to be. Bryan, my twenty-year-old brother, didn't go to boarding school. I'm probably here because they don't want to be around me anymore. They've always thought that I was the weird one and the one who always gets in trouble. I mean, sure I've gotten into fifteen fights in one school year, but they were asking for it. I was defending myself. People were saying that me being gay was like a disease. I didn't like it, so I took action; something Spencer, my ex-best friend, didn't do when the time came. I puffed my chest and pulled closer to myself. When are we going to get there?

            A few people tried to talk to me, but I shot them down. Everyone was now avoiding me. The seat next to mine was vacant, but nobody wanted to take it. Although my pride was a little hurt, I was glad. I didn't want to talk to anybody; I didn't want to gossip with anybody; I didn't want to talk, because talking meant that I was accepting this punishment. Although mom said that this wasn't a punishment, I knew that it was.

            Being alone on the bus, although lonely, gave me time to think. I didn't want to go, but I'm going to do my best to become the strongest witch there. I'm going to show them. I'll show everyone.

            My stubbornness was my biggest flaw, and I wasn't proud of it. I knew that it was the reason why I'd always gotten in trouble, but I couldn't help it. It was just who I was. No one can take that away from me. I had a right to be who I am.

            The bus soon arrived at the front gates of the school. It was surrounded by an ominous fog. I could see glimpses of the castle that it was. The structure towered over the bus, and I felt a little intimidated. This was where I was going to be going to school. I hope it doesn't suck.

            The old rusty gates opened with a loud creek, as though it hadn't been used in centuries. The bus drove past the gates and they closed behind us. I looked around for people. There wasn't any. Why can't I get a break for once in my life?

            The fog cleared as we got closer and closer to the entrance. The double doors were large and imposing. There was only one person to greet us, a woman. She was tall and wore a long grey coat. She was also old and had grey hair. She was also powerful. The broach she wore was the symbol of a master witch who specialized in Empathy, a talent that was rarely practiced.

            The bus pulled around and stopped right at the foot of the steps of the school. We all got off and the bus drove off. I looked up at the imposing woman as she greeted us with as warm as welcome possible.

            Her voice was shrill as she spoke. "Welcome, welcome to Jenkins Boarding School for Young Male Witches. You are here because you have done something to upset your parents so much that they didn't want you, but I am delighted to have you all here today, for you are the future of magic. Here you will learn how to master your magic.

"Since you are Fourth-Years, you will all be learning the very, very basics of magic; the feel and touch of the power you possess. You will also learn the history of it and some basic spells and potions.

"As Third-Years, you will learn more spells, potions and magic control. You will be working with your professors to understand the importance of controlling your magic as well as the way to use it wisely. There is nothing more important than the lessons of self-control.

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