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Pen Your Pride



Daisy's P.O.V:

I took a deep breath stepping out of my crappy rental car and walking up towards the huge mansion in front of me. Now you're probably wondering what is happening right now so let me just fill you in. I'm Daisy Brooks currently in foster care thanks to my prostitute mother. Yes my mom is a prostitute.

I grew up on the strip of Las Vegas in a crappy apartment above a porn shop and I never left the state until about a month ago when I ran away from my foster home. I never knew who my dad was. It's kinda common for a 17 year old not to know who there dad is but they at least have a clue who it could be but with me it could be any old guy in the state of Vegas. But I didn't expect him to live in England...I Was in a foster home for about a month with my little sister Stella.

When I got to the foster home they had my birth certificate, which I have never seen before. But when it said that my birth dad was Simon Cowell I had to find him. I knew him from American Idol and saw him in the commercials for the new show X-Factor but I never thought that he could be my dad. So here I am walking up the long ass drive way filled with cars. Which must mean he has a bunch of people over -.-

I tighten the grip of my birth certificate that's in my hand, reaching my hand up to knock on the door. I knocked three times with the lion type door Cliché??? (That's my new word..It's fun to say ain't it? 'cliché' hehe) Taking a deep breath the door swung open and revealed a man, not Simon. He was about 6'5 aka tall as sit compared to my 4'9 frame. Yeah I have a short jean...he had dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes.

He looked at me like he recognized me..He must know my mom. She's the same height as me and we look almost identical except she has blond hair and mine is almost black.

"im sorry you look a lot like -"

"Victoria brooks?" I cut him off asking him if he knew my whore of a mother. His eyes lit up in a knowing kind of way

"yeah....are You her..Kid?"

"umm....i think this would explain" I handed him my birth certificate . There was a lot of talking in side and I know for a fact there is a lot of people because of all of the cars I was dodging while walking up that long ass drive way. The guy in front of me jaw dropped.

"no fucking way" his English accent sounded weird and makes me feel like I'm in a bad episode of House of Anubis. "Simon has a kid" he whispered staring at me "I'm Jake by the way" he held out his hand.

"Daisy" I smiled and took his large hand in my small one.

"here come in side" I walked in to the home in awe. This was nothing compared to my run down apartment, one floor foster home or the crappy rental car that I have been in for about two days trying to find his house and drive on the right side of the road.

"SIMON??" he yelled causing everyone in the huge ass living room or whatever this room is look at us and go quiet. They all looked fancy and were definitely wearing designer, I look like shit compared to them. Heat rushed to my cheeks and my head looked down at the tiled floor not liking all of the attention we were getting.

"who's this?" I knew that voice as simon's from an old episode of American idol auditions that I watched before I left. I pull my shirt up a little playing with the bottom part showing about a inch or less of my flat tanned stomach, I don't mind in people see a little of my body I'm pretty confident with it.

"Just..Look at this" Jake said. I looked up at Simon in his suit and tie..What the fuck is this? A funeral??? His eyes went wide and he looked from the certificate to me.

"uh..Jake...can You um..Show daisy here around while I go..Do...something" He quickly walked away taking my birth certificate with him.

"uh..I wasn't planning to stay..I don't wanna bother ya'll" I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth and bit it lightly

"so what you just expected to come here, tell us what you told us and leave? nutah sweetheart, Your staying"



i just thought of the idea and had to write it down so when i get a full picture on what i want it to be like i'll fix some things




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