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The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione stood frozen looking between Luna and myself like they were trying to find out our similarities.  Why do I feel like somethings not quite right? Stop it Annabeth she's your sister!

"We're half sisters, I have mothers eyes but other than that look like my father and Luna has the same eyes but other than that she also looks like her father." I sighed while Luna and Piper laughed. 

"Don't laugh at my pain!" I complained sounding more like my old self than the person two wars had forced me to become. 

"Um, what did you just say?" George asked, and I just said that in dumb. 

"Umm, I said don't laugh at my pain... In English, are you sure you guys aren't hearing things?" I raised an eyebrow and (surprisingly) kept a straight face.

"Yeah, guys... maybe the wars getting to you again. That was English," Luna said with her usual dreamy tone, 

"Yeah you're right Luna," Ginny smiled, 

"It's probably the war getting in our heads again," she closed the door and walked into the dining room her hand still placed against the pocket that held her wand.

"Hey guys, Luna," Nico nodded in my sister's direction as he pulled the pan off the stove and set the bacon on everyone except Pipers plate, 

"Hey what di-Luna oh my gods," Will gave her a hug and laughed when Nico quietly grumbled something under his breath. 

"Calm down Neeks aren't you happy to have your sister back," Nico sighed before cracking an egg on the edge of the pan,

"Of course I am but does she know the of the war that is half the reason we're here," he murmured his eyes not leaving the pan, Luna only smiled her eyes still glazed.

"Yes, Father told me. I know I should've helped you or sent a letter at least but I couldn't, my new home is here no matter how much I wish to go back, I can't," she looked down and Nico made a growling noise and clenched his fists, 

"Nothing Luna... you did nothing, Zoë, Charles, Michael, my Sister! Our sister is gone along with so many others, we thought you were one of them. We thought that we'd lost you! You were nine, it's been years and you gave us nothing. Not even a simple letter saying 'Oh hey guys I know that I kinda disappeared into a forest fire but I'm actually okay' " By this point Nico had tears running down his cheeks along with every other demigod, we all knew that she went missing when a rouge hell hound pack was let into camp a destroyed one-third of the Athena cabin but we knew not to let that slip. Luna slowly replied, her dreamy voice was laced with an unknown emotion.

"Dad said that I wasn't allowed to tell you, he thought you'd take me away from him again. He ripped every letter I wrote. He even cut my Necklace in half, he said that here is all I needed to worry about and not back home," Luna gazed down dejectedly, Nico gave her a hug as Mrs Weasley began to cook, why does every family reunion, for us, have to be so bitter sweet.

"Well after breakfast, I'm going to go on a jog. Anyone want to join?" Percy asked, seaweed brain. 

"I will," I said sitting next to him, 

"I have to scout the area for any of them and make sure that there aren't any traps," Reyna said, 

"I'll join Reyna," Thalia muttered leaning against the door frame. 

"Piper and I were planning on training with Jason," Hazel said, why are the wizards looking at us weirdly?

"What?" Leo asked looking at his shirt like it had the answer to his question,

"You just woke up and you're already planning what you're going to do," Harry raised an eyebrow while Will and Nico laughed awkwardly,

"Mhm," Calypso nodded a smile gracing her lips, 

"Why wouldn't We?" Frank asked

"Because it's seven in the morning," Ron said bluntly, while Thalia and Me choked on our drinks, What

"That...late..." Thalia coughed out, while Will turned to the clock to check if it was actually seven, 

"We slept that late," Jason spoke the sentence so it came out as a question while Piper looked at everyone with a shocked expression. 

"Yes, for once, we actually slept more than five hours before one of us had a nightmare," Will said grabbing the now full dinner plates along with Calypso and set them in front of everyone.

After breakfast, Percy and I left giving a short goodbye to Mr and Mrs Wesley, 

"So, this is weird," Percy commented while jogging, 

"Yeah, who'd have thought that we'd not only be running around calling ourselves witches and wizards but also find my half sister?" I asked more to myself than Percy. 

"Yeah, this whole situation just feels like a dream," Percy murmured as we jogged past the edge of a forest. 

"Well at least this dream can't possibly turn into a nightmare," I replied with an uncertain shrug, something always goes wrong but at least this time we'll be ready.

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