The Rejected Badass

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"GET YOUR ASS UP AND GET DOWNSTAIRS AND COOK BREAKFAST BITCH!"my brother yelled as I was sitting on my bed.

He threw me against the wall and slapped me and I fell on the floor. My brother has hated me ever since my parents died because they saved me from a silver bullet 6 years ago. He blames me for there death.

My twin brother and I look completely different. I look like Kat Graham and my brother, Eli, the beta, looks like Chris brown. Everyone says we look like them.

My name is Jordan. I'm 16 years old and everyone hates me. I got a pretty fucked up life if you ask me.

I went downstairs to make breakfast. when I was don, the soon to be alpha walked in with one o his sluts. he slapped me. The man hoes name is Carter.

"Why the hell are you late making breakfast. it's 8:30, school starts at 9:00"

"Why the hell don't you use a breath mint it's go in here." I muttered. Got slapped again.


"Not yet" I said. Another slap. He just turned 17 today and he is going to find his mate. I guess he knows since the next words that came out of his mouth shocked me.

"I Carter Jones reject you Jordan King as my mate."he said

"Good cause I didn't want to be you mate anyway" he had a shocked look on his face.


I walked away to call my only best friend Missy to tell her I couldn't take being pushed around. I couldn't shift because they said I was a weak wolf and I didn't have a car because the I wasn't worthy of having one.

After I was done talking to her I put on baggy pants and a hoody and started packing away.

When I was done I made sure no one was home. I went to my brothers room and went to his sock drawer and pulled out 200 dollars since he had 800 I didn't want to take all of it.

I ran away from my packs territory, the new moon territory, and ran until I couldn't run any more. Darkness started to fall over me before I saw a grey wolf shift to human form and I. Blacked out.

"Is she dead?" I heard a faint voice

"No retard she isn't dead"a second voice said and then I heard a slap


"Well is she single because she's hot" another voice said. I giggled at that one.

"Shhh she's waking up." I opened my eyes to see three hot boys in front of me

"Where am I?"

" Your in the Raven blood pack hospital. I'm Leo, that's Hunter, And that's the Alpha Mike. What's your name and why are you here" he asked

"M-my name is Jordan." I whispered. I was in the strongest packs hospital and looking at Hunter as he stared at me. He was H-O-T hot!

"Told you she had a hot name to" said Leo to Hunter. Mike slapped upside the head. I told them everything and they listened. then Mike asked me something that was going to change my life for the better.

" Would you like to join our pack"


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