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 It was just a normal, average school day for Crystal. She was already in her last period of the day: English. 

Crystal really loved English though, so everything they were learning in class just came to her; almost like common sense. She'd always thought that learning about how to really write and to prepare yourself for the English regents was a common goal between her and for her peers. But, it wasn't. 

Right now she was making haste of writing down all of her notes, while the other students were foolishly playing around and not paying the slightest attention at all to the lecture. 

Why do they even bother to come to school in the first place?

She thought, her head shaking irritatingly. The top of her finger had a all ready gotten swollen, and when she looked over to her side, wanting to see if there was any sign of swolleness on her classmate's fingers, her mouth fell open. And, in the shockness of it all, her eyes started to twitch. What in the world?

Her eyes started to wander around, looking for any sign of effort being demonstrated by one of her fellow peers. But, she found nothing, no trace of effort being put into anything at all. 

Wow, so people are even starting to get lazy throughout their school year too. Heh, they're smart... Crystal wasn't conceited, a teacher's pet, or anything of the sort. But, she did always try her best to ace all her classes and at least pass with an okay grade. Though, it was always just for her main classes: Math, Social Studies, Science, and English. Those were all the ones that really mattered to her. The others classes were just whatever for her. 

Though her classmates always made fun of her for trying to learn, she always put on a straight face and just walked away, it didnt matter to her. For in her eyes, they were the ones who she shoud be made fun of, not her. 

"All right, class. Settle down. Settle down," Ms. Opisso said, trying to bring her class into a moment of quietness, at least for a while. "Okay, so you will all be working on a project next week..." Ms. Opisso began, all ready hearing groans from the students. "You will need to pair up with a partner. Be it from class, or just anyone you can find to help you to complete it. The project will be about a book that you've read, and a book that you're partner has read. Both of you will discuss about your different perspectives of the book, and the comparison of each of your different thoughts."

Crystal was listening intently at her teacher, her eyes glued to what the teacher was informing them all about. "And, it will have to be at least two to three pages lenthwise. The due date will be on January 23rd. Good luck!" That's the last thing she said, the bell ringing almost instantaneously. 

Grabbing her bag from behind her back and putting it right in-front of her, Crystal began to fill her bag with her English binder. She constantly took her time to get things finished, like she always thought - "If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself."  I wonder who made that quote. I really like it.

She stood up from her desk, making herself toward the doorway. "Goodbye Ms. Opisso. Have a great weekend," she said thoughtfully.

Ms. Opisso looked up from her papers and sent a smile Crystal's way, "Thank you very much. And, you have a great weekend too."