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Authors Note:

This is extreamily rough. I realize that there is spelling errors, grammical errors, and I need to describe the characters/surroundings more.  I write my story to get it down on paper, and then edit it. So for now, please just comment on the plot, and likes and dislikes.

Thank you! <3

Warning: You will encounter language, violence, and possibly a reading addiction.


I creep out the front door with my sheep dog King at my side. The noise had come from the barn that sits a hundred meters in front of me. It hadn’t woken Mom or Dad, so I was on my own.

With my yellow flashlight clutched tight, I tip toe in my short black boots across the green grass. I had being lying awake in bed all night, staring out my window at the sparkling stars. The noise was loud, as if something fell from the top of the barn. But the cows that inhabited the barn couldn’t have climbed up to the loft.

The barn door creeks as I gently push it open, and shine my flashlight around. It only lands on mooing cows, and I sigh. Nothing was here. It must have been one of the cows hitting the barn walls. I go to turn around when I hear the rustling.

King runs towards the noise immediately, and I jog after him. He stops, and begins to bark at a pile of hay that was supposed to be scattered for the cow’s tomorrow morning. I shine my flashlight around the pile when a head of black hair pokes his head out and glares at me.

“You never saw me. Leave now.” He jumps out of the hay and stands close to me, towering a head taller than me. I know I should leave, but I can’t. He’s the most interesting thing that I’ve seen in years, and I couldn’t possibly let him go.

“Did you not hear me?” He raises his voice, and pushes me towards the wooden wall of the barn. “Leave, now!”

Fear swirls inside of me but I can’t move my feet. They refuse to leave the gorgeous, tattered, fascinating boy behind.

“Fucking leave already!” He pushes me again, and I fall against the wood. King barks loudly, knowing something was wrong. It would only be moments before Mom and Dad came out. When I shake my head no, he holds me against the wall, and leans his head close to mine. I can see the four lip piercings he has. They were called Canine Bites, because there were two on the top and two on the bottom. In his ears, were small spacers. I’m sure he was probably inked somewhere too.

“I’m not kidding around.” I hear a flick and then a cold knife is pressed to my neck. I know it would be the time to plea, to run, but I’m in no position to move as reality sinks in. “I’m going to kill you.”

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