A Matter of Opinion Part 15

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20th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Norleenah's POV...

I was finding it nice and warm as I lay there on the floor of the cave with my hero beside me allowing me to use his arm for a pillow.

And he is my hero. He has saved me and looked after me when i needed it ever since I first met him when he rescued me out of the game my brothers threw me into.

I was resting nice and comfy when I decided to roll over and snuggle up against his chest throwing one arm across his stomach as I moved my head onto his shoulder.

A moment later, I felt his arm curl around my back and lightly slide its way up to my shoulder.

I thought this was nice after all the crap I have gone through.

I didn't know when it was that I fell asleep for a little while. But it was the sound of dogs barking too close to us that woke me up with a start.

The man held me close and still as we listened again after he too woke up. Then he loosened himself from aaround me and made his way over to the entrance where I saw him squirt some more of that stinking crap on a few rocks scattered just outside the entrance.

Thinking of something else, I wiggled over to him and grabbed a couple of rocks and as soon as he was back inside here, I put those rocks into the entrance way and threw some dirt over them each time.

Seeing what I was doing, the Man grabs some rocks too and did the same thing as I was doing and before long, there was no sign of an entranceway into a cave here.

Now all we have to do is wait a while.

There must be another entranceway that we haven't seen since we could still hear those dogs barking, but this time it was muffled. That told us two things.

The dogs were not far outside this cave and that there is another entrance we haven't found that those damn dogs might be able to find and sniff us out.

So using the two torches we had with us, we started to look for another slit or lip that was hiding another way in or out.

It was the man who found it by accident.

There was a small breeze coming in and he was standing right next to it when he found it.

But it was too small to get through helping us to see that if we couldn't get through it, then neither can anyone else. After checking it more thoroughly to make certain, we relaxed enough to go back and sit on the sleeping bag again and wait.

To conserve battery life in the torches, we turned them off once we were settled on the bag again.

But this time I was wide awake and I didn't think I was going to be getting any sleep again anytime soon. So I just snuggled against the man again like I did before. I don't know how he felt about that, but I have to say that I actually liked snuggling with him.

"What's your name?" I suddenly asked him. I couldn't keep calling him the man now could I?

It was a moment or two before he spoke to me.

"Knox. Johnathon Knox." Was all he said to me very quietly.

I actually felt him say his name since my head was resting on his chest more than his shoulder this time and I heard his voice rumble below my ear.

"Nice to meet you Johnathon Knox. My name is Norleenah Daily. My friends call me Neena." I said to him, but he only grunted back at me.

But I didn't mind.

He looks like a Johnathon to me and I told him so.

He just grunted again.

I didn't realise that my hand was lightly rubbing over his chest until his other hand, the prosthetic one, gently came up and rested on top of mine holding it still.

I turned my hand over and grabbed the artificial limb and began feeling the mechanics of it.

"This one is state of the art. Very new and lightweight, but very durable to use." I said to him by way of letting him know that I was touching him.

"I think these ones also cost a fortune, don't they?" I asked him knowing already how much his likely cost him.

He just grunted at me again.So I moved my hand out from under his 'claw' and begin to lightly run my fingers up his chest until I reached his face where I gently traced his jaw and the bristles that were growing on it.

"You have a strong jawline." I said to him with a sense of wonder.

I had never really touched a man before now and I was very curious. It's not like we have anything else better to do at the moment.

So I allowed my fingers to wonder over him. What really surprised me was that he was letting me. I think he might be asleep actually. It's the only reason why he would let me do this.

So I thought, why not? Then I allowed my hand to wander down his chest and across his stomach, lightly touching the top of his karki trousers I think they are called. Or are they called those combat uniforms?

I don't know what they are called. I just know that he looks good in them.

I allowed my hand to brush down the front of him just a tad lower and before I knew it, I was flipped very quickly onto my back with the man leaning over me.

"Don't." Was all he said as I looked up at him in the very dim light vaguely seeing him from the light that was coming in from the top of the cave where it looks like a few bats come in and out.

"Why not?" I asked him as I lifted my other hand to cup the side of his cheek as he continued to glare at me.

I can just make it out that he was doing that.

And he was growling very lightly at me too for some reason.

I had one hand on his chest and the other I was gently running through his short hair and around his neck.

"Damn it." He growled before I felt him lean down and weld his lips to mine in another scorching kiss.

And it was scorching too as I felt his tongue run along the seam of my lips tickling me which caused me to gasp which then allowed the man to swiftly move his tongue into my mouth where he proceeded to give me a kiss that I have to admit was making my toes curl as well as making other parts of my anatomy heat up and curl with them.

I have no idea how we ended up naked and finding the pleasure we both were feeling over the next several minutes. But we did.

Needless to say, the plans we had of going back out again shortly went out the window.. or the cave so to speak since we didn't stop and doing it once.

It was more like several times we pleasured each other.

The only time he threw a hissy fit about it was when he found out that I hadn't done it before. It threw him off his game I think when I snapped at him wanting to know if he thought I was a bloody tart or some kind of whore.

"Bloody man." I snapped at him as I grabbed him again and dragged him down to me to finish off what he started.

And yes he did start it. He kissed me first and I reminded him of it too.

But he was of a different opinion. I'll give him an opinion to think about.

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