Chapter Thirty Nine

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"What are we gonna do?"
"Well, Jenny's rich bitch family has a dock, some jet skis, a boat, and crap like that. Jenny and Deo go down there sometimes and this time you and me were invited." He shrugs taking one hand off the wheel to settle it on my thigh. I don't understand how he does it.

If I was driving with one hand I'd wreck the car. My boyfriend has skill.

"How long away?" I kick my flowery flip flops off and make myself comfortable.

"Hour and a half."

"Okay." I smile and lean my head back against the seat listening to Niall's horrible choice in music.

"This is a horrible song!"
"No it's not." He removes his hand from my thigh to turn up the music.

"It is." I laugh unplugging his phone to plug in mine."Ahhhhh that more like it."
I smile when James Bay's Let it go came through my ears.

"This song." Niall playfully srynched his face up in discusst.

"Oh come on you know you like it." I say crossing my arms.

"Ehh I guess it's growing on me."


I laughed as he screamed the wrong lyrics.

"That is so not the words Niall."

"Sure they are, why not."


After playfully arguing for an hour and an half Niall drove up beside a gigantic dock. It had two stories. There were steps that lead up to a second floor where there was a straight slide or one could simply jump off. At the bottom was room for a speed boat holding a tube. Beside that was a jet ski slot. There was also an area holding lounge chairs. That was not all, three blow up toys were attached to the dock floating in the water.

"What is this? Ace Adventure?." I gasp.
"Like I said, rich bitch family."
"I never knew how poor I was until I saw this."

"Close your mouth." Niall leaned over and kissed me open mouth so I would indeed shut my mouth. "You'll catch flys."

"Wait where you going?" I ask when he climb into the back.
"I'm changing. You're welcome to join babe." He winks.

I almost said no until an idea popped into my head. Let's fake him out.

"Why don't we change together, yeah?" Knowing Niall was unaware I had my bathing suit under my blue tank top and shorts, I join him in the back.
"Sure why not." I unbutton my shorts and slowly slip them off. He realizes that I already have my swim suit on and he squeezes his lips trying not to laugh at my trick.

"Thanks for the invertation Niall." I kiss him before taking my shirt off to throw it at him.
"You're gonna get it for that later."
"Oooh I'm so scared." I laugh turning around to open the door receiving a slap on my butt from yours truly.

I waited for Niall outside of his car and he eventually came out. He had yellow swimming trunks with weird white flowers on. He put his arm around me and we walked down to the dock together.

"Niall." A tall man with a lot of facial hair jumped up to hug Niall.
I looked past the man, who must be Deo, and noticed a gorgeous blonde stand up as well. Her skin tone was beautiful so was her face and her long blonde hair was pulled up into a sleek pony tail.

You must be Jenny.

"Hey man!" Niall and Deo did a man hand shake thing. "Deo, this is Kamryn and Kamryn this is Deo my cousin and his girlfriend Jenny." Niall points to the two strangers standing before me.

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