Chapter Fifty Five

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A/N: That TOP cover of cancer is literally my entire life right now.

Scott's P.O.V

Carly popping up out of nowhere after not seeing her for basically a whole year was definitely a big surprise.

Obviously it was a huge surprise to Falon too because he had to very awkwardly explain to Anna that he did indeed have a son. Then of course there was the whole him never telling her that Daniel was awake thing to add to his burden. It was still pretty entertaining watching him try to figure out what he was going to say.

"I'm gonna go," Liam says standing up from where he was just sitting. All of us have been sitting outside of the room where Falon, Anna, and Carly are arguing for the past half an hour listening to Falon get attacked. Liam leaves through the front door and I frown a little bit when Abby stands up and slowly walks up the stairs. Daniel nudges me and I bite my lip before standing up and walking up the stairs after her.

I follow her at a much slower space. Is this creepy? Should I be following her around like this? Crap, this is exactly the kind of shit that Parker would be pulling.

Abby walks into the room that she's been staying in the whole time that she's been here. When she shuts the door I walk over towards it and I'm not exactly sure what I should do next.

Maybe you should knock, you idiot.

I frown a little bit. Why is my sub conscious always so rude to me?

I take a deep breath and slowly raise my hand to the door before pulling it back and just staring at the door. Why the hell can't I just knock on this girl's door? She's just a freaking girl.

No, she's Abby, you self indulgent arse.

So apparently my sub conscious is not only rude but also British.

I finally grow some balls and knock on the door. I hear a soft voice say 'come in' and I immediately panic. Now I have to think of a reason as to why I followed her up to her room like the self indulgent stalker that I am. I slowly open the door and walk in.

When I walk into the room she raises her eyebrows at me. I suck in a breath of air when I see her sitting on the edge of her bed casually combing through her hair.

Casual in a breathtaking way.

"W-what're you doing in h-here?" She asks placing the comb she was using next to the bed.

"I uh...I live here," I say stupidly. What the hell is wrong with you today Rogers? Get yourself together.

"Well obviously," she says rolling her eyes at my stupidity and laughing a little. "I m-meant in here. In my r-room."

"I wanted to make sure you were okay," I say before I can think about it. "A ton has been going on and I know it's probably hard to handle and-"

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