Lions! (Steven Universe X Reader) (Steven Universe)

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A/N I'm not exactly caught up on SU but I hope you like it!


"Lion!" You heard someone shriek as a big, pink thing ran into you. You fell to the ground with a pink furball sitting on top of you.

"Uhhh.... what the heck?" You tried to roll away from under the animal, but it was impossible. "I'm so, so sorry! Lion, off!" The curly haired boy yelled. The animal, Lion, grunted and got off of you.

You gasped for air and sat up. "What... is... that thing?!" You shouted as you tried to get air.

"Oh! I'm Steven and that's Lion!" The boy pointed the animal. "He's my pet!" Steven exclaimed. You simply stared at him. He had a pink lion as a pet? Oh, dear lord.

"Well, um, okay then. I'm (Y/N)." Steven held out his hand to help you up. You gave him your hand and he pulled you up. "Hi, (Y/N)! Wanna go get a donut and some pizza?" You gave him an odd look and nodded slowly.

Steven grinned and grabbed your hand as he ran. You were really, really confused here. He nearly kills you with his pink pet lion and then asks you to hot get pizza and donuts.

What in the universe was going on? (Anyone get my pun? Eh? Eh? Eyyyyyyyyy. Oh, that was terrible. I am so, so sorry)

"What kind of pizza do you want?" Steven asked you as you entered the pizza place. Your eyes twinkled as you saw the pizza. You felt as if you were heaven when you smelled the place. It was godlike. "(Enter favourite pizza here)!" You said cheerfully.

A couple seconds after they gave you your pizza, you completely devoured it. And, might you say, it was good. The best pizza you'd ever had. You didn't know, but Steven had been watching you. He thought you were incredible.

"Donut time!" Steven grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the pizza parlor. You intertwined your fingers as you ran through the town to get donuts. Steven blushed as you did so.


You were giggling as Steven made funny faces. You two were sitting on the beach, playing charades. You were laughing and eating your donut while Steven was failing at trying to be a fish.

"O-oh my god!" You fell over laughing and holding onto your stomach. "Steven!" You shrieked as he threw sand at you.


The pink animal was simply watching you two. You two reminded him of Steven's parents.


I know it's horrible. I had no inspiration at all.

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