Not a Mellow Yellow

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Recappy From the Last Chappy: ". . . . Right," he finally said and brought up his other hand to break the clasp holding him to her in both a gentle and rough way. He let her hand linger in his palms for a moment and then let them fall to her sides. He did not turn when saying, "See you," and walked away.

Carmine hues lingering upon her cheeks and her heart aflutter, she watched after him again. I wonder if it's just me, but . . . he seems less . . . cold, than he used to be. . . . Even if only a little. . . . She gave a throaty giggle. "Or maybe that's wishful thinking."

Chapter Thirty: Not a Mellow Yellow

She would not be in this situation if it were not for him. Captured, in a net, no less, suspended in the doorway. Because the instrument had scooped her up from under her feet, she was slouched, upside down with her heels above her head. One leg was poking through the webbing of rope and the other was made to stick up straight enough that her thigh muscles were straining.

Krystal thrashed within the net, attempting to free herself or reach into her kunai pouch for something to cut herself down when the sac began rotating. The kunoichi paused and tilted her head back a little, turning it to her left. Her stomach lurched. "Mind lettin' me outta this thing?"

"That all depends," Naruto replied from the opposing side of the Hospital bed. "Are you gonna keep running away from me?"

Swallowing hard, the girl furrowed her brow. "It might've crossed my mind. . . . But. . . . I guess it's been too long since we've talked, huh? What's it been, a month or so?" He nodded. ". . . fine. Cut me down, and I won't run."

Suspicion crossed his expression when he squinted his eyes at her. "Promise?" By her right thigh, hidden from his sight, she crossed her fingers and then nodded. He smiled broadly and scratched under his nose when standing from the stool and produced a kunai from inside his sleeve as he walked over.

When he sliced through the rope, she fell out of the net ungracefully and back-flopped onto the floor. The only thing she did to show her pain was grunt and wince, but she was also sneering her victory and did not let opportunity pass. She rolled out into the hall and stood, dashing to her left as quickly as she possibly could. Her hands were brought together to form a hand sign, as an intent to create shadow clones, but when she turned a corner of the hall, seven Naruto clones were blocking her way.

The kunoichi cursed mentally her setback whereas the clones smirked in triumph. Unfortunately for her, Naruto knew her too well. She pulled out a kunai, set on destroying the copies before part two of Naruto's plan of capture was complete, when someone jumped and wrapped their limbs around her from behind. "Gotcha!" the orange shinobi exclaimed. Probably to annoy her, he pecked her cheek. "Did you think I wouldn't have a plan B, babe?"

She shivered and scowled. To be honest . . . yeah. Begrudgingly, she let him drag her back through the hall into the Hospital room. He bound her with twine found in her kunai pouch and had her sit on a stool by the heart monitor, opposite of where he had been sitting. The door was locked from the inside, so they would not be disturbed.

By now, the girl's expression held a sense of worry, frustration and dread for two different reasons. She stared in front of herself upon the person laying in the bed, dejectedly. The boy wore something similar to a scowl on his visage even in his sleep, though pink on his cheeks from fever made it seem softer. Perspiration made his raven-black locks cling to normally pale, now flushed, cheeks.

Sasuke's head laid on an ice pillow and there was also an ice pack on his forehead as an attempt to lower his temperature. His external injuries were taken care of, dressed in bandages and gauze, depending on which injury called for what. He was not in the best of shape. She looked at him with sad, puppy-dog-like eyes. Idiot. . . . You broke your promise. This was her worry. The blonde, who was now taking a seat, was her frustration and dread.

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