Pinky Promise

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Recappy From the Last Chappy: As her hand retracted, his blushed deepened and his smile turned broader. Handsome? His transformation jutsu was released, obeying Krystal's request, and a puff of smoke erupted around the both of them. It was during this obscursion that she felt a new weight rest itself on the arms of the chair-Naruto?-and her heart jumped surprisedly.

The coolness of Naruto's forehead protector pressed itself to her brow and his nose brushed her cheek, as if searching. "Erm . . . Naruto-kun-"

Anything else to be spoken after his name was lost, as Naruto found was he was looking for, and his lips gingerly kissed hers.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Pinky Promise

His mouth was warm. Of course it would be, he was a human being, after all. Humans, when living and breathing, gave off heat. Right. That was how it worked. She could definitely tell and feel as such from the parts where their faces were touching. If memory served her right, disoriented as she felt at the moment, warmth that was not hellish should have been inviting.

When the smoke finally cleared, she could see again-though she had been staring round-eyed the entire time. His lips had been pressed against hers for a long time, but her body had become rigid and she neither kissed him back nor push him away. Her arms were frozen, cold from just under the layers of her skin to her skeletal structure, too, as if her skin wished to crawl. This thought made her unhappy.

Naruto was her best friend. Why did she feel, right now, like she had been being kissed by Neji?

Soon, to Krystal's relief, he backed off thus their lips finally parted. She could not for the life of her keep the look of horror out of her eyes as she lowered her head to hide them, and the rosy hue of her cheeks, from him. Nervously, her hands wrestled with themselves in her lap. She was speechless.

To her benefit, she did not have to say anything, or rather, there was hardly time to. For it was then that the sliding doors opened with a loud bang; the frame cracked from impact. "NAAAAARUTOOOO!"

"Yikes!" He stopped leaning into Krystal and snapped around to Tsunade; he did not waste a millisecond in making a run for it, moving towards the open window as she chased. Shaken from her stupor, Krystal twisted herself to where her knees sat in the chair, backwards, but Naruto was already out the window with Tsunade hot on his trail after him. She stared after hopelessly. Naruto-kun. . . .

Conflicted and confused, she turned around to sit in the chair properly, but then sank down so her shoulders were nearly at the arms of the chair. All she did was breath a long, drawn-out sigh.


Ropes were binding the wrists and ankles of the blonde fox, keeping him in place on the floor of the Fifth Hokage's office. She was glaring down at him dangerously: hands on hips, nostrils flaring, face twisted in her anger to the point of unsightliness. Her assistant stood by, wearing a less exaggerated cross expression, scowling and crossing her arms. The assistant of her assistant was also near, hands in his pockets and seemingly amused.

"Well?" asked Godaime roughly. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Don't kill me!"

Her mouth twitched into a smirk. "Legally, I can't do that. Legally, I also can't put you in jail for longer than a week or two because you did nothing drastic while taking my place-ramen regulations are easily voidable-and Shizune wasn't harmed when being captured. . . . You do realize this is crime worse than whatever pranks you pulled when you were younger?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Good. Then you will understand that to Shizune and I . . . we will not be satisfied until you are humiliated like we were. So you may not be put in prison, but . . . I think this will suffice: Sasuke!" The boy gave minimal acknowledgment. "Time to pass on your crown. . . ."

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