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Alpha Maddox Franco:

"Ever since I was a boy, everyone said that a war would come. That sooner or later another race would try to kill us off, that is one of the reasons why werewolves don't socialize with other supernatural creatures." My voice is loud in the quiet room.

"What never crossed our minds was that humans would come after us, they were at the very bottom of the food chain and we thought it would stay that way" A small chuckle leaves my lips as I stare at my pack. "But they trained, somehow they evolved into what we now call hunters. And they are killing us. All of us."

When I say this the whole bursts with angry roars and loud chatter.

"Humans? This can't be them. They're weak, it's probably the vampires pretending to be them" Jenna, a pack warrior snarls.

Shaking my head I reply "It's the hunters and they are not showing any signs of stopping."

"What are we going to do? Are we just going to let them kill us?" Another pack member yells in outrage.

I smile.

"Of course not, they are still weaker. Think of it like this, they are still the same stupid creatures but with some new weapons and karate lessons. The only reason why so many of us have died is because we weren't ready, and because there are millions of them and only few of us." I take a deep breath.

"As for what we are going to do? We are taking every available resource. Anyone with even a drop of wolf blood inside them we take them in. We need as many in our side as possible. That means if you have a brother, a sister, a mother a dad fuck even your goddamn grandma outside of the pack you bring them here to train." This time I emphasize each word, showing how serious I really am.

I look around the room "Get ready, war time is here"

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