s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 78

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            “Has someone tried that?” asks Alysse aghast.  She envisions a poor girl trying to battle crushing waves as she makes every attempt to reach her love on the other side of the ocean.

            Nat laughs, “Not since the first year that we opened Haven Academy, and she didn’t get very far. The legend spread and we haven’t had any rowboat instances again.” 

            “I don’t see you as a teacher, more like…  Lara Croft,” chuckles Alysse, having already done her research on Natalie, on her phone in the bathroom earlier.  She’s lived in many countries, working for a long defunct foundation, and for the life of Alysse, she can’t find the name of the foundation.

            “I almost was,” nods Nat, her deep blue eyes twinkling at the thought of her younger years, a few of which were spent raising Spencer, though the young girl doesn’t remember those times.  “But I had a different calling.”

            “Teaching, or rather, forging young minds, molding them,” says Alysse with a bright grin.  “I just find it very amusing that you spend your life on an island.”

            “Really?  Well, I don’t spend all my time there.  I am allowed to come and go as I please, you realize?  I grew up on that island before Jo procured it, it is my first real home, and now I’m making it much more than just a home,” says Nat, her eyes following a dark haired woman that has just walked out.  She’s Jo’s new recruit, Rosita Navarro. 

            Alysse logs that away in her growing manifest of all things Natalie Summers; she’d watched Rosita.  Interesting.  “I was wondering; want to come to Existence tomorrow?  I could pick your brain a little more.”

            “Really?” asks Natalie coolly. 

            “Yup,” says Alysse.

            Natalie laughs.   “So have you figured me out yet?”

            Alysse stammers, feeling the hot blush riding up to her cheeks, shaking her head, “Whatcha talking about, Willis?”

            Natalie laughs, making the dimples on her cheeks deepen, laugh lines that Alysse has never noticed before appear, “Alysse, I’m simply Natalie Summers, there is no great mystery here.”

            Alysse grimaces, “I did have ulterior motives for asking you here,” admits Alysse. 

            “I already knew that, you want to know if I’m gay,” says Natalie, leaning back, this time spying a sexy guy that is staring at her from across the back yard. 

            “You’re bi,” says Alysse, watching as Nat gets up, motioning for Alysse to go with her.  It is time to leave. 

            “No,” says Natalie as they walk out into the night.  “Alysse, why does it matter?  For someone like you, you should be fostering the fact that someone doesn’t want to be labeled one way or the other.”

            “I like you,” says Alysse, then trying to change what she’s said in a quick stammering tone, “I don’t mean that I’d like to fuck you, or date you, just get to know you, yeah, you know…  but…”

            “So you don’t find me attractive,” states Nat straight faced, turning and walking backwards, watching as Alysse squirms.  Nat’s eyes flicker over Alysse’s face, seeing the discomfort there immediately.

            “Extremely att…  Hey, you tricked me!” says Alysse, wagging her finger at Nat. 

            “I’m flattered,” says the younger of the duo, now turning and walking along with Alysse, hands now deep in her pockets.  “I’m honestly not looks for a relationship.”  Nat’s voice is inflicted with something that Alysse has never heard before, she can’t pin point it, but could Natalie be serious?  That she doesn’t want to be in any sort of relationship?

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